January Riding Recap...

January 2017 allowed for a lot of nice road riding as the weather has been beneficial with minimal ice or snow. This left the paved trails in great shape, gravel in good condition "some of the time", and even the singletrack had days where it turned cold and frozen enough for at least a few rides. I know the snow is lurking out there somewhere and will hit by Winter's end, but so far it has been lucrative riding outside due to the lack of snow.

Even with second semester work starting up, I was able to stay on target for my structured training, although last week's scheduled Rest & Recovery week found me doing less of the active recovery miles than I should have. Due to work, I wasn't able to get a 2 hour scheduled Zone 2 ride in on the weekend. The past two months of the structured training, combined with managing my calorie intake, has led to me shedding 9 pounds. In fact, I am just a few pounds away from reaching my fighting weight - which is several weeks ahead of schedule this year compared to the past few years. I'll take it!

January 1st 51.6 Miles -- Duration 4:00:09
January 3rd 10.1 Miles -- Duration 00:31:00
January 4th 11.0 Miles -- Duration 1:00:28
January 5th 17.9 Miles -- Duration 1:03:00
January 6th 9.88 Miles -- Duration 00:33:00
January 7th 15.1 Miles -- Duration 1:45:32 (MTB)
January 8th 30.8 Miles -- Duration 2:15:17
January 10th 20.5 Miles -- Duration 1:09:58
January 11th 15.8 Miles -- Duration 1:00:00
January 12th 27.0 Miles -- Duration 1:30:00
January 14th 26.9 Miles -- Duration 2:31:34 (MTB)
January 15th 54.2 Miles -- Duration 3:51:02
January 17th 22.7 Miles -- Duration 1:19:58
January 18th 9.9 Miles -- Duration 1:02:18 (MTB)
January 19th 22.8 Miles -- Duration 1:15:58
January 21st 26.9 Miles -- Duration 1:29:58
January 22nd 55.4 Miles -- Duration 4:00:04 (MTB)
January 25th 18.1 Miles -- Duration 1:00:00
January 29th 21.4 Miles -- Duration 1:05:00
January 31st 23.5 Miles -- Duration 1:15:00

January Total Miles: 491.48
January Total Duration: 33:39:16

That's a wrap for January that combined road, gravel, singletrack, and basement trainer riding to get through the first month of this new year. February will have me busy with the opera until the 13th, so I will try and sneak in what I can to stay on top of the structured training schedule the next two weeks.

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