Endurance ride with Tara & 2016 Exercise Review...

Tara suited up and braved the weather with me yesterday for New Years Day. I had a scheduled 4 hour ride to finish up two weeks of intense training before going into a rest and recovery week. Temperatures were in the 34-38 degree range on our ride, but off we went around 12 noon to see how many miles we could get in on our road bikes. Knowing that temperatures will drop this week into the teens and 20's, we figured this might be it for our Winter outside long road rides. Who knows?

I failed to follow my nutritional instructions of taking in 2 calories per pound of body weight per hour on this ride. I started with 5 gels, and Tara had some granola bars. I managed to eat only 3 gels, and one granola bar which was not enough for the pace we were going. I should have fueled up at Casey's in Carlisle while we were there earlier. Regardless, at 3 hours and 15 minutes into the ride I felt like the rug was suddenly pulled out from under me.

We stopped for a snack at Banner Pits...


We rolled back to the house with Tara going strong, and me in full survival mode trying to stay within 100 yards of her. Tara's toes were cold so she peeled off a few blocks from our house, and finished with 46 miles. I went out to the west side of town for another 5 miles to get the full 4 hours as scheduled. Thus began the 2017 riding for both of us.

Nothing another pastrami pizza couldn't take care of after a hot shower.

December Riding

December was one of my top three months for 2016 in terms of total hours and miles. Singletrack was favorable for some nice dirt riding during the first couple of weeks before round one of snow hit. It's been too warm and muddy since then, but between the road bike, the trainer in the basement, and the mountain bike on gravel and pavement - I managed to log a good month of riding to wrap up the year.

December 1st 14.1 Miles -- Duration 1:30:33
December 2nd 9.44 Miles -- Duration 00:43:48
December 3rd 17.3 Miles -- Duration 2:00:37
December 4th 21.0 Miles -- Duration 1:40:34
December 6th 7.52 Miles -- Duration 00:40:23
December 7th 11.5 Miles -- Duration 1:22:40
December 8th 9.39 Miles -- Duration 1:08:05
December 10th 21.9 Miles -- Duration 1:09:58
December 11th 19.3 Miles -- Duration 1:00:58
December 13th 16.1 Miles -- Duration 00:51:58
December 14th 9.67 Miles -- Duration 00:54:46
December 15th 12.0 Miles -- Duration 1:25:46
December 16th 21.3 Miles -- Duration 1:12:53
December 17th 22.3 Miles -- Duration 1:14:59
December 18th 28.6 Miles -- Duration 1:41:58
December 20th 30.36 Miles -- Duration 1:39:54
December 21st 18.5 Miles -- Duration 1:00:58
December 22nd 54.7 Miles -- Duration 4:01:53
December 23rd 9.01 Miles -- Duration 00:32:58
December 24th 28.5 Miles -- Duration 1:29:59
December 25th 32.1 Miles -- Duration 2:29:34
December 27th 29.0 Miles -- Duration 2:02:56
December 28th 18.9 Miles -- Duration 1:36:48
December 29th 21.1 Miles -- Duration 1:30:04
December 30th 5.77 Miles -- Duration 00:30:50
December 31st 33.4 Miles -- Duration 2:31:04

December Total Miles: 522.76
December Total Duration: 38:06:54


Looks like I averaged about 8 hours and 17 minutes per week during 2016...

Duration by Week 2016

Fitness History 2017

Full monthly hours total which includes my bike riding, weights, yoga, and walking...

2016 Exercise Hours

2016 ended up being about 50 hours less total exercise than my previous two years both were. Lots of trail work at Banner Pits, and Lake Ahquabi accounted for some of that, as did travel to California on three separate trips. In spite of that, I felt stronger on the bike in 2016 than I did in 2015.

Here's to everyone enjoying their exercise and cycling in 2017!!!

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