November has arrived...

Tara spent the first two weeks in California helping take care of her father who passed away on October 12th - just six days short of his 91st birthday. I flew out and returned with Tara on the 23rd after we had cleared out everything in his house. Joe was able to play tennis and do his dancing right up until the lung cancer diagnosis in August. We went out as a family during Labor Day. Tara, Zack, and Alexa all made an additional trip out to say their goodbyes and to help with the needed care in the final days.

R.I.P. Joseph Starr


My heart goes out to my wife Tara, and my sister-in-law Holly on the loss of their father. We have all been spending time sharing memories with each other. I was fortunate to have known Joe for nearly 30 years. He had an impact on his two son-in-laws, and his four grandchildren.

I also received news that my biological father, Robert Heimsoth, passed away in October. We had the pleasure of meeting him on a few occasions. Twice when we traveled to Goodyear, Arizona where he lived, and one time when he came to visit us here in Iowa. My heart goes out to his wife, and to my half-siblings on their loss. He was a very kind hearted man. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to meet him, and the little time that I had to get to know him.

Needless to say, that was our October...


I took 4 students to the Central Region NATS student adjudications this past weekend which were held at the University of Iowa. Zack won third place in the graduate men's division, a freshman student of mine won honorable mention in the underclassmen college men's division, and a senior student of mine won first place in the upper college women's division. We normally bring more students, but this year there was conflict with two of our college choirs having a concert scheduled on the same weekend, so only a few of our students who are in a group called Chamber Singers were available to go. But the few who did go represented us quite well.


Bruce Brown, Emma Dickinson mezzo-soprano, and James Poulsen her accompanist.

Somehow I managed to get a bike race in up in Minnesota where I got third place, and some rides in throughout the month to blow out some cobwebs and keep me in shape. Not a huge month, but enough to enjoy the outdoors and various bikes - be it on dirt, gravel, or pavement.

October 1st 15.58 Miles -- Duration 1:25:07 (MTB Race)
October 2nd 17.6 Miles -- Duration 1:49:10 (MTB)
October 4th 11.5 Miles -- Duration 00:59:37 (Recovery Ride)
October 5th 18.6 Miles -- Duration 1:11:17
October 7th 11.7 Miles -- Duration 00:58:20 (Recovery Ride)
October 8th 10.5 Miles -- Duration 1:15:50 (Pre-Ride of 11/5's race course)
October 9th 13.5 Miles -- Duration 1:28:49
October 11th 42.9 Miles -- Duration 2:43:08
October 13th 19.1 Miles -- Duration 1:20:47
October 14th 6.72 Miles -- Duration 00:40:52 (Recovery Ride)
October 15th 11.5 Miles -- Duration 1:31:53 (MTB)
October 16th 37 Miles -- Duration 2:30:45
October 23rd 28.4 Miles -- Duration 2:02:59
October 24th 9.03 Miles -- Duration 1:01:44 (MTB)
October 26th 20.9 Miles -- Duration 1:05:00
October 27th 6.11 Miles --  Duration 00:30:55 (Recovery Ride)
October 28th 11.6 Miles -- Duration 1:15:38
October 31st 10.2 Miles -- Duration 1:06:07 (Pre-Ride of 11/5's race course)

October Total Miles: 302.44
October Total Duration: 24:57:58

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