Whew, 9 pounds gone...!

Amazing how the combination of Ibuprofen, the IV for Friday's surgery, and pain medications contributed to water retention weight gain.

I hit my peak on Sunday morning at 177.8 pounds which was a bit shocking to me based on prior weight. Okay, it was really, really shocking! Thankfully, I was back to 168.2 pounds today without changing anything except knocking out the pain medications and Ibuprofen as I allowed the body to adjust and get back to parity. Hmmmm....that's a 9.6 pound swing and explains why I looked and felt bloated.

I'm sure it will take a few days for it all to settle out, but the fear of what that kind of water retention can do to my heart, and my kidneys had me concerned. I trust that the surgical site in my mouth for the oral surgery last Friday continues to heal and not require any sort of medication going forward. It's still a tad tender, but I am coping with it.

In other developments, the rain has cleared out so I can get back to trail preparation for The Mullet Fall Classic on August 28th at Lake Ahquabi State Park. There is plenty to do here around the house as well, so there will be no dull moments during the month of August for me.

One day at a time. Advice to all: enjoy each day as it unfolds.

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