Oh my aching tooth!

There is simply nothing quite as irritating as a toothache! I've felt like the character Tom Hanks played in Castaway who finally used an ice skate and a rock to knock out the bad tooth. I have been tempted!!


Finally, after 6 weeks from feeling the initial pain, my back lower tooth which has a lateral crack is going to get yanked out by the oral surgeon tomorrow. A bit of a damper for the summer to say the least with all the pain medications I have had to use to keep it at bay. An infection developed this week requiring antibiotics, but Friday brings relief.

Now on to more of my hodgepodge post...

We have started to enjoy some of the fruits of our trip to Italy such as this bottle of olive oil one of our hosts gave us in Italy.


It's got a bit of a "kick" to it on the after taste - as in that nice, Tuscan olive oil burn. Very nice stuff. Some cases of wine that we ordered while in Italy arrived recently, so there is that to look forward to as well.

This week, I wanted to take advantage of some lower temperatures by trimming as much trail as possible with the Viper using the one good arm I still have (my left arm)...


Lake Ahquabi is in good shape with all of the mowing and trimming. The race I host is much earlier this year (being held at the end of August instead of the usual month of October), so I am trying to get the event organized and ready on an earlier time schedule than I am used to doing. A bit of gravel work to do next week with the DNR Volunteer, and one more tree to remove. The rest is ready to go, and getting race quality ready day by day as I cover each section with the trimmer, and hedge clippers.

On top of that, getting some things done around the house (painting, staining, some new window replacements, etc...) will keep me plenty busy this final month of my academic year summer vacation. Toss in a couple more trips (one to Chicago, and one to San Francisco) and the next 4 weeks will absolutely fly by quickly.

Now to get this damn tooth yanked out!

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Marco said...

It's great that you finally received treatment since hidden decay and other oral health problems can cause toothaches. Without treatment by a professional, these dental problems can turn into an infection that damages other structures in the mouth, including the gums, jawbone, muscles and palate. I always recommend that patients schedule an exam when toothaches last longer than a day.