Bye - bye tooth #31!

The dreaded tooth #31. Last molar on the right side of my mouth on the lower side. 6 weeks of misery. I couldn't wait to get it yanked.

Friday was the day of surgery. No food, no drink, no water, no coffee on Friday until the scheduled 1 pm surgery at the Oral Surgeon in Ankeny to pull the tooth was complete. Luckily, I managed to stay in bed as long as I could Friday morning to help the day go by.

Tara drove me up at noon to Ankeny and we arrived at the surgeon's office in time to fill out the paperwork. I was drowsy from the infection and the lack of my routine three cups of coffee, but managed to spring to life when my name was called by the nurse. The surgeon was very nice and briefed me on what he was going to do, and told me about the options I had of a local anesthetic with laughing gas, or an IV which would pretty much knock me out.

I took the latter!

About 1 1/2 hours later, I was loaded up in the van and driven home by Tara. I slept the entire way.

A bandage on my head to hold the heating pad over the infected area...


Looking real pretty and defeated in that picture! I had numb lips and a numb cheek which lasted until about Midnight.

Soon after that picture, I slept for a few more hours. Tara made me an avocado and spinach smoothie, some mashed potatoes, and ran some ham and bean soup through the blender. I downed it all and even had some ice cream with Hersey's sauce after that to round out my mega-calorie dinner. Back to bed I went to sleep it off.

I awakened on Saturday morning feeling much better. Tooth had been extracted, antibiotics for the infection had been consumed, heating pad for the swollen infection area had been worn - and suddenly I could swallow again. Yippie!

I am easing my way back into food today being careful to eat only soft things. Tomorrow, I might be able to venture into some other food by the end of the day that is not quite as soft, but I will continue with the soft and not hot regimen while the wound heals in my mouth.

I think I should feel even better tomorrow and ready for a bike ride.

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