Dealing with tendonitis!

I'm about one month in with some right shoulder issues that finally got painful enough I had to go see what was wrong. I figured it was something in the rotator cuff area, but the pain was radiating down my right arm. Pulling the blankets up at night was killer and usually ended in a muffled yelp.

My appointment was a screening to determine what was wrong, and figure out how it happened, and then come up with some therapy to get rid of the pain. Part of that screening was to review all of the activities I was doing the past 4-5 weeks.

Mowing. Check.
Mowing while pulling the mower backwards uphill with my right arm at an angle. Check. Check. Check.
Doing that for hours at a time. Check. (Thank you trail work!)
Weed whacking. Check.
Trimming things above my head for long durations. Check.
Riding a bike with wider bars. Check.
Lifting weights. Check.
Carrying a lot of heavy stuff. Check.

Anyway, it all got more tender as the weeks went along and has led to the diagnosis of Supraspinatus tendonitis.


The PT gave me 4 exercises to do this week, along with ibuprofen, and ice to see if the tendonitis can calm down. I'm not allowed to do certain movements (no backhand, pulling the mower up hills, no weight lifting, no trimming above the head) until things settle down.

Not only that, but I need to exercise the other side (left shoulder) as well because since the pain started I have been compensating and using my left arm for all of the above list which means it is starting to get slightly tender.

Overuse syndrome in my active lifestyle. Time to reign a few things in and let myself heal a bit. Here's hoping I can get it under control with R.I.C.E. and the exercises.