Yeti blue...

Yeti Cycles is an American bike manufacturer in Golden, Colorado. The Yeti blue I am referring to looks like this...


A lot of thought went into my decision to purchase a new mountain bike. The final inspiration was sparked in March when I wandered into Rapid Cycling in St. George, Utah. There, hanging up on the wall to the left of the entrance, was a Yeti ASRC bike that caught my eye and flooded me with some memories of various shades of blue. They had several other models of Yeti bikes in the Yeti blue color in the shop. We don't have a dealer in our area in Iowa, so I'm not sure I have even ever seen one up close and in person before.

Wow, that turquoise blue spoke to my memories...

Did it bring up thoughts of my Dad's old Schwinn?


That bike inspired me in the 60's as much as my Dad did to ride a bike. I always wanted a Schwinn like Dad. We were a family of limited financial means on Dad's salary as a minister, but he always managed to keep me outfitted with at least a clunker of a bike to ride. No matter how much of a clunker I had at any given time, hopping on it and setting off for a ride represented freedom for me. Riding to check my gopher traps, deliver newspapers, pedaling over to a friend's house, downtown for some candy, to baseball practice and games, or out on the open highway - I was hooked from the get go. Don't get me wrong, I am not lacking gratitude in this post. Rather I am sharing memories and looking back by being able to now poke some fun at the various shades of blue and how they tie in with my new bike decision.

In the 70's, one of the $20 clunkers he had purchased for me from a pawn shop lost the front wheel as I was doing a wheelie on hot pavement during the summer. The wheelie didn't end well as I was introduced to my first major encounter with road rash. Somehow, I ended up with my first ever brand new bike (instead of a used clunker) as I believe Mom inspired Dad to finally get me a Schwinn like I had always wanted.

Did that Yeti turquoise remind me of an old Bel Air that Dad and I used to talk about?


Or this beauty?
Ah, now we're getting somewhere with childhood memories and the various shades of blue.

How about my surprise high school graduation present?


Dad thought it would be great for me to take to college as I wouldn't be needing a car - or so he had decided. Lots of memories of going out on the weekend on the blue moped. Yup. Talk about driving to the bar, bowling alley, Pizza Hut, ice cream stand - or wherever we went being difficult to pull off in all types of weather and on a one seater while trying to bring my girlfriend, roommate, or friend along.

A little old lady didn't see me in her blind spot one afternoon and just about took me out causing me to wreck and get a serious case of road rash as I slid across a driveway. The Honda moped was sold. What replaced it?

The Chevy Luv pickup Dad got me to take the place of the moped for college. Hey - at least it was an upgrade to a two seater. Not to worry, the pickup in this picture is in nice shape and was not mine. Mine was a certified clunker that Dad had somebody from our church weld bumpers onto it since it had been wrecked and had no bumpers. We also had to install a lighting system on the front bumper so it was legal to drive.

At least the color of this one was the same as the one I had...


Lots of memories from that shade of blue and where that clunker took me until it gave up the ghost.

Six years later, as Tara and I moved from New York City to Houston, Texas - Dad came through again with yet another clunker with a shade of blue. He paid $500 for it and said it was beauty. This one was a blue Volaré...


Mom and Dad had moved from South Dakota to complete his last preaching assignment before retirement. To make the entire Volaré a true clunker package, the Iowa license plate at the time was blue and Dad ponied up for a personalized license plate that said "BLUE CAR". Yup. That got lots of laughs, stares, honks, and waves while driving down the highway. Here's what the Iowa license plate looked like - at least in terms of color....


Now imagine that with the words BLUE CAR on it. The Volaré made it to Houston, but died on the freeway a few weeks after we were there when the transmission went out. We had to pay to have it towed to the junkyard.

Memories of various shades of blue for sure.

The blue inspiration combined with a myriad of other factors - which include great reviews and personal accounts of the ASRC frame - all led me to use some of the money from my Dad's estate to finance a bike that is filled with all the memories of blue above.

I even got a custom sticker to name it after Dad...


It's a 23 pound machine that should bring me up to date with the latest and greatest bike technology. Of course, 1 x 12 was introduced about a day or two after I ordered this bike. Then lighter Next SL cranks. Then lighter Fox forks. And.... Ah, c'est la vie when it comes to the world of bike parts. There is just no way to keep up with it all. Anyway, this build will provide plenty of memories from the past, and bring me more up to date with bike technology than I was before. TA's front and rear; hydraulic brakes; XX1 drivetrain, carbon this and carbon that, slacker angles, wide bars, short stem, yada, yada, yada.


I have not yet had the chance to take it out on dirt since it arrived due to rain and my work schedule. I'll have a review of my initial rides once I get some dirt under those tires.


Iowagriz said...

Nice looking bike and I like the "theme" of your post. You dad would be proud to see the words and the choice.

Bruce Brown said...

Thanks, Tom. He would have gotten a chuckle out of my thought process and memories leading to the color choice.

I am pretty amazed at how quickly this bike turns and handles corners (thank you modern 29er geometry) even with a 120mm fork. It should be a good bike for the marathon, Dakota 50, and some of the rougher XC courses.