Rack 'em up, the dirt is dry!!!

Thanks to an overstock sale going on at Scheels, I picked up a Küat NV to haul the bikes around when we have a full load of stuff in the back of the Element.


The Yakima rack would have matched my Element, but the price was knocked down on the Küat enough to make me spring for it. Today is the test run of it as Tara and I head out for some after work dirt and dinner. I think the rack weighs more than our two bikes together (mine at 21.62 lbs and hers at 20.54 lbs).  The rack feels like it's about 50 and with the feature to be able to turn the adjustment knob to tighten into the hitch makes it rock solid - at least in the driveway. Unfortunately, Scheels put it together incorrectly (two of the trays are reversed), so I am going to have to take it a part, correct which tray goes where, and reassemble. It seems to work fine as is, just that the rear tire straps are facing the wrong direction as when Nathan assembled it at Scheels he didn't follow the directions properly.

Happy Cinco de Mayo which is always a nice follow after yesterday's ultra-nerdy May the 4th be with you...

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