Karma or coincidence?

Life sometimes is odd in terms of how things work when it comes to timing and coincidence. Some of that oddness happened this weekend to the point that I felt it was worthy of mention.

I wrote in April 2012 about a combination of things that added up to an injury here. That year, a busy schedule combined with a stage race led to a crash at Tranquility Park in Omaha, broken teeth, and having Al Boone fix my broken teeth that weekend when I messaged him what had happened.

This weekend included some of the same items on that list, but in a different order giving me enough pause to at least jot it down here on the blog. Tara and I drove over on Friday afternoon to pre-ride Platte River State Park for Saturday's Psycowpath race. Suffice it to say, that the technical challenges of the course were out of Tara's comfort zone and she decided not to race. Rather than make her sit it out and wait around for me to race, we decided to ride together on Saturday for some laps at Tranquility Park instead so we could salvage a better weekend trip out of our journey. Dinner at Nosh on Friday night, breakfast the next morning at the Farmers Market on Saturday, and a relaxed morning put us both in a good mood.

We rode at Tranquility Park on Saturday and admired the smoke haze and smell in the air from the Alberta, Canada forest fire. Our riding at Tranquility was not a race, just some fun laps. This time on my second lap which I did at race speed, I mastered the same bump that had caused me to crash back in 2012 - so no worries there. We packed up and headed home after our weekend in Omaha. On Sunday while out for a road ride with Tara, I saw Al Boone riding his Fat Bike at Banner Pits and I stopped to talk with him. After a few minutes of chit chat, off he went on his Fat Bike and off we went on our road bikes to get our 40 miles in for the day.

Two ingredients of Tranquility and Al Boone met once again on a Spring weekend, although under much happier conditions and no thought of any coincidence entered my mind at this point.

While at the Farmers Market in Omaha on Saturday morning, we bought a rack of lamb to grill on Sunday night for Mothers Day. That went well last night as it turned out a nice rare to medium rare with no tough exterior char and tasted great.

Here is the final item in the weekend that links all of this together...

While eating the lamb and gnawing on one of the bones, I felt like some meat was stuck in my teeth - or so I thought. When I felt my teeth, I realized the same tooth that Al Boone had repaired back in 2012 after crashing had broken again while eating the lamb.

Busy Schedule? Check.
Mountain Biking at Tranquility? Check.
Seeing Al Boone on the weekend? Check.
Breaking the same tooth? Check.

All that was missing was a crash which I fortunately did not have this weekend.

Odd? Coincidence? Karma?

I don't know, but certainly found it all interesting enough to at least make a post about it. Time to visit Al Boone Dentistry here in Indianola at 1:15 pm to fix the broken tooth again.



After seeing Doc Al and his wizardry at 1:15...


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