April is a wrap!

April came and went with lots of wind, green grass, flowers, trees budding, filing for tax years 2014 & 2015, as well as a turn into the more intense intervals to build for a peak with XC racing. 

Starting the month off with the Gents Race, and ending the month ready to race tomorrow at the Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy book ends what is now in the books - April, 2016. 

Edit: Beverly race just got canceled due to wet conditions.

April 2: 61.9 Miles -- Duration 4:52:00 (Gravel Race)
April 3: 13 Miles -- Duration 1:44:27
April 5: 22.2 MIles -- Duration 1:53:35
April 7th: 8.76 Miles -- Duration 0:30:00
April 8th: 3.7 Miles -- Duration 0:25:00
April 10th: 28.9 Miles -- Duration 1:46:36
April 11th: 5.96 Miles -- Duration 0:40:54
April 12th: 5.9 Miles -- Duration 0:38:44
April 13th: 7.07 Miles -- Duration 0:58:04
April 14th: 7.92 Miles -- Duration 1:08:21
April 15th: 5.2 Miles -- Duration 0:30:00
April 16th: 6.46 Miles -- Duration 0:56:28
April 17th: 7.68 Miles -- Duration 0:38:27 (Race Warm-Up)
April 17th 18.7 Miles -- Duration 1:44:18 (Mtn. Bike Race)
April 19th 10.9 Miles -- Duration 1:00:00
April 21st 18.2 Miles -- Duration 1:18:25
April 23rd 31.3 Miles -- Duration 2:17:05
April 24th 12.5 Miles -- Duration 1:47:17
April 26th 9.9 Miles -- Duration 0:39:38 (Zone 5 T-Max Intervals)
April 28th 26.5 Miles -- Duration 1:28:59 (Zone 4 3 x 15 Intervals)
April 30th 19.8 Miles -- Duration 1:00:00

April Total Miles: 342.45
April Total Duration: 27:58:18

Good news is my blood work numbers were optimal or near optimal for all measurements without taking statins (beginning year 3 without having to take them). That's a big one for me and motivates me to keep the weight down, exercise, and eat as many things as I can that are known to keep cholesterol numbers in check.

I had a former student from St. Paul stop in Des Moines on Friday to meet me for lunch at Tacopocalypse. Lisa Mann (now Lisa Dahlberg) was in the first group of students I taught from 2003-2007 and we hadn't seen each other in about a decade. She was on her way from the Twin Cities to Omaha to spend the weekend with another former Simpson student, and so it was great to sit down with her and talk about what has taken place in the past decade in our lives. Lisa is doing really well, is happily married, has a great job, and it was a pleasure to sit and visit with her. We chatted it up for 2 1/2 hours and could have probably gone on for another hour or two at the rate we were going.


It's fun to catch up with my former students. Thanks for stopping by Lisa!!!

Speaking of former students...

Simpson College graduation ceremony was today, and in spite of the soggy day of rain - was a very nice ceremony. I had 5 of my voice students graduate today. So it is always hard to say good-bye to those you have been working with for 4 or 5 years. I wish each and every one of them all the best as they venture out into graduate school, New York City, their first teaching jobs, and plan to stay in touch with all of them. Facebook makes that much easier for all of us these days. 

We start our May Term classes on Monday at Simpson, so I am busy preparing things for our Opera Workshop class which I will co-teach with my colleague Bernard McDonald. It is usually a pretty draining 3 weeks of morning classes, afternoon, and evening rehearsals - and the final week is our production week of performing everything they have learned. 

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