March starts off with some DIRT!

Mother Nature created the ideal perfect set up for me to get my first pure dirt ride in for the year 2016. The snow is all gone around these parts (for now) thanks to temperatures being in the 60's and 70's last week. However, the freeze-thaw cycle is still in effect which means riding singletrack cannot be done until that finishes because it leaves the ground too soft.


Temperatures were to drop back down. And they did exactly that on Tuesday and Tuesday night!

This morning's temperature of 17 degrees had me hop out of bed, bundle up and head north to Summerset State Park so I could ride a loop of the entire singletrack system on my Karate Monkey singlespeed before going to work. This also allowed me to try out my new Niner Cogalicious 17T cog on the dirt for the first time (I was finding the 18T too easy). I wanted to take advantage of the frozen dirt as well as view the loop to see what kind of shape it is in from the flood we had in the Fall and the Winter elements.

I pulled into the lot and had the place to myself - or so I thought. I ran into Becky Maggie Needles on the Riverside section of trail (she was out for her morning run).


I shot this video with my iPhone of the section called Riverside that flooded last Fall and has been closed ever since. The bridges need to be reset, debris picked up, and some TLC to get it back into shape. It was really rough from the frozen footprints, and the way the mud dried after the flood left me bouncing around with my teeth chattering as I lumbered along on the Karate Monkey.

That was that for my early Wednesday morning. It looks like Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday the ground will not freeze - so it won't be long before we work our way out of Winter and the freeze-thaw cycle so we can all ride dirt. My Spring Break begins this Friday night and I am looking forward to some sleep - hopefully. I think I put in over 120 extra hours for opera rehearsals in February which were all over and above my normal full day teaching load. Yes, I'm a tad tired from it all and could use some sleep.

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