Fuel and Nutrition....

It seems like I've been enjoying using the Wok quite a bit this year. It's really easy to whip up a batch of stir fry filled with nutrients in the non-stick Wok. Cook time is minimal and is actually quite fun to do. Chopping up the ingredients is the only prep time, and that doesn't take long. And cooking in the Wok is very forgiving as the flavors meld and I've yet to have something taste bad.

Last night was a bit of an experiment...

I usually buy some of the packaged corned beef once St. Patrick's day has come and gone and it goes on sale. Corned beef is one of the saltiest things on earth. For that reason, I soak it in water for about 48 hours, and change the water several times during that to de-brine it. This is one of the easiest ways to make pastrami rather than doing it by starting from the uncured brisket and brining it. After the corned beef has been soaked for at least two days, I put a rub on it, and then smoke it overnight to get the oh so good tasting pastrami. Well, this weekend I read on one of my guru BBQ sites that you don't even have to soak a particular brand of packaged corned beef. They suggested you just rinse it, dry it, put the rub on it before you smoke it. So I gave that a try this weekend. Tara and I sat down to try it out on Monday night and encountered the saltiest thing one can imagine. So salty it hurt to eat. Whoever suggested that on the guru BBQ site must have a very high tolerance for sodium!!!

In an effort to salvage the $14 chunk of meat and not toss it out, I whipped some of it up in a stir fry last night with vegetables, olive oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, garlic, ginger, and 1/2 of a lime juice to cut through the salt. I got my protein, fat, and the nutrients from the vegetables. Some multi-grain take and bake bread from Hy-Vee rounded it out before I rushed off to hear two student recitals at Simpson.

How was it? Well, it worked and was pretty tasty!!!


I'll do the same later this week a time or two to finish off the didn't quite make it to pastrami chunk of meat.

I've just about reached my goal weight after a Fall of bulking, and then cutting since more or less Christmas. The target I had set was to be finished cutting by the end of March which is only 8 days away. I'm about 2-3 pounds away from the goal I set, so it will be close. I stabilized my weight loss over the past month to allow my body to adjust, and upped my fuel for all of the base miles and weight lifting I was logging. Since returning from the Spring Break riding in southern Utah, I've entered my final cut phase for three weeks to land at my target goal.


I've been careful to get good nutrients to aid in recovery and fueling. In spite of that, during a calorie deficit to lose weight like I've been through, I will say that one's mood is not always rooted in having a grand old time. I'm not saying I have had to eat like this at all...


Or this...


No, not at all. I've been chowing down on pretty much everything. Just counting the calories and stopping when my numbers were hit.

The lower numbers will all change to the upside a bit as I rotate into the next phase of training. I will need to eat the nutrients, macros, and get all the nutrition to fuel the workouts, and aid recovery while maintaining the weight goal I achieved.

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