February is a wrap!

The leap year month of February is now in the books.

The opera is over with just some finishing business of sending things back, storing things away, and turning in all of the receipts left to be done (not to mention getting some much needed extra sleep).

In terms of riding the bike, I felt very fortunate to be able to get outside for at least 8 rides due to the favorable weather this Winter. The rest of my rides were inside on the stationary LeMond training bike. I did not get as many hours on the bike last year during February due to the teaching/traveling schedule in Germany, but I also had nearly 30 hours of walking, and 10 hours of weight lifting for that month which certainly had me in a different kind of fitness than I find myself this year. I was in great shape to walk last year, this year my fitness is tilted toward bike performance as opposed to walking.

Here were my hours and kilometers for last year during February 2015...

February Total Miles: 302.99 Kilometers (188.27 Miles)
February Total Duration: 12:43:50 Hours

Although last season was what it was (not good for me), I am being diligent this year in an effort to climb back to the level or even best the 2014 season. I have primarily used the mornings before work and weekends to knock out my miles this time around. How I was able to fit it all into a month where I was teaching all day, rehearsing until 10 pm every night, getting home around 10:30 p.m. or later, remains a time management coordinated effort that meant many things were cast aside and had to wait. March will find me playing catch up for all those things that were set aside (family relationships, chores, paperwork, household organization, to do lists, etc.).

Even though I was short on some of the training rides, and had to skip others due to my work schedule, 2016 February Totals ended up being fairly okay in the context...

February 1: 27.3 Miles   -- Duration 1:25:00
February 2: 19.3 Miles   -- Duration 1:00:00
February 4: 19.8 Miles   -- Duration 1:00:00
February 6: 27.11 Miles -- Duration 1:21:00
February 7: 30.7 Miles   -- Duration 2:19:53
February 9: 14.9 Miles   -- Duration 0:45:00
February 11: 19.3 Miles -- Duration 1:00:00
February 12: 9.9 Miles   -- Duration 0:30:00
February 13: 28.3 Miles -- Duration 1:30:00
February 14: 21.8 Miles -- Duration 1:10:00
February 16: 15.7 Miles -- Duration 0:57:00
February 18: 22.1 Miles -- Duration 1:15:00
February 19: 3.2 Miles   -- Duration 0:30:35
February 20: 28.6 Miles -- Duration 1:30:00
February 21: 33.3 Miles -- Duration 2:17:14
February 23: 18.7 Miles -- Duration 1:34:47
February 25: 19.0 Miles -- Duration 1:30:55
February 26: 18.3 Miles -- Duration 1:20:51
February 27: 44.0 Miles -- Duration 3:02:00
February 29: 36.7 Miles -- Duration 2:22:08

February Total Miles: 458.31
February Total Duration: 28:21:23

My blog posts obviously point out the weight management I am attempting ad nauseam. I blog it mainly for myself to have as a journal so I can compare and use for reference in the future. I find myself ahead of schedule this year - by design based on what I learned - compared to 2014 when on March 1st, I weighed in at 178. Today I weigh in at 169.

The reason that difference is important is that I will now be able to go into the final 12 week structured training period with all of the higher intensity intervals that begins in a few weeks with the off season weight loss completed. The cited studies I have read show that losing weight while doing the higher intensity intervals showed no improvement, whereas doing the intervals while maintaining one's weight showed improvement. In 2014, I was in the former situation, this year I am fortunate to find myself in the latter which I targeted by design. I don't want to say this is any sort of a guarantee I will benefit more over the next two months than I did in 2014, but at least I have set myself in position for what I hope is the ideal place to start.

Reminder for myself of the past three seasons in terms of weigh-in on March 1st:

Weight wise - I am 169 pounds on March 1st this 2016 Training Season 

Weight wise - 2015 Training Season (not sure what I was as I didn't have a scale in Germany)
Weight wise - I was 178 on March 1st during the 2014 Training Season

March was ushered in back in 2014 with 9 degrees and 6 inches of snow here in Indianola. No snow on the ground as I type this, but it did drop from yesterday's 61 to about 25 this Tuesday morning. The forecast is for it to be back up to the mid 60's this weekend.

Here's to a great March!!!

Also Happy Birthday to my big sister, Becky!

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