Structured training vs. The Marriage of Figaro...

January is in the books!

February kicks off big tonight with the Iowa Caucus which Tara and I will attend. Sounds like some snow and wind will come in after that and create some blizzard like conditions on Tuesday/Wednesday. Just when all the snow has about melted, in comes a fresh round. The dogs will love it and I'm glad I didn't wash my car this weekend...

My structured training went pretty well in January. In addition to all the weight lifting, core work, foam roller, and walks, I figured out my on the bike time. Due to the trip to NYC in early January, I missed out on a few scheduled things. I also was unable to do my scheduled 3 hour ride yesterday due to opera rehearsal. In spite of that, I got most everything else that what was supposed to take place in January completed. I think I was about 8-10 hours short in terms of total planned hours on the bike, so I substituted the intensity level along the way to hopefully make up for it. I was also in pretty good form going into it with December time on the bike being a bit more than usual for me.

January 1: 6.24 Miles -- Duration 00:40:23
January 2: 23.3 Miles -- Duration 1:24:58
January 3: 28.19 Miles -- Duration 2:16:15
January 10: 32.1 MIles -- Duration 2:00:00
January 12: 19.1 Miles -- Duration 1:00:00
January 14: 18.6 Miles -- Duration 1:00:00
January 17: 38.0 Miles -- Duration 2:00:00
January 19: 28.8 Miles -- Duration 1:30:00
January 21: 20.9 Miles -- Duration of 1:10:00
January 24: 45.8 Miles -- Duration of 2:30:00
January 26: 19.2 Miles -- Duration of 1:00:00
January 27: 8.3 Miles -- Duration of 0:30:00
January 28: 27.8 Miles -- Duration of 1:30:58
January 29: 10.1 Miles -- Duration of 0:30:00
January 30: 22.8 Miles -- Duration of 1:10:00

January Total Miles: 349.23
January Total Duration: 20:12:34

Today begins Week #6 of my 12 week base plan...

February 1: 27.3 Miles -- Duration 01:25:00

February Total Miles: 27.3
February Total Duration: 01:25:00

Things could end up being a bit hit or miss during February as I have rehearsals for The Marriage of Figaro every day for the entire month. So I will have to force myself to get up early in the morning and get my time in during M-F. A couple of weekends will be lacking for time due to the rehearsal schedule, but I should be able to log a few long weekend rides. I feel pretty good in terms of form for this time of year, and am happy where my weight is. I've whittled down to the 175 mark which resets my daily caloric intake needs a bit lower. I will keep chipping away at the next 5 pounds with the goal of hitting 170 at the end of the first week in March. Certainly need to be there before I start the next 12 week training block at the end of March.

Bring it on February!!!

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