Pinch me!

Are we really still mired in our final few weeks of Winter? If so, pinch me!

It's difficult to believe that last week and this week - at least weather wise - finds us in the month we all know as February here in the Midwest. I guess El NiƱo has sent a mild trend through our area this time around. The grass is greening up, skies are blue, birds are singing, and the weekend forecast once again looks favorable for some nice long pavement rides...


Tonight is our final dress rehearsal of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro. Am I in sleep debt? Yes. Am I fatigued from the late night rehearsals? Yes. Is the level of energy required to make it happen draining me? Yes.

Of course, all of that has been exacerbated with my continued quest to cut weight and get back to ideal racing weight. Toss in getting my minimal hours in on the bike, and lifting the weights makes for a heck of a muddle through state of mind and physicality akin to sleepwalking that I am feeling. This morning is my annual physical with the Doc, then I get to ride outside for 90 minutes before heading to work. I think this will be either my 5th or 6th ride outside (instead of the basement) for the month.

At this point, all I can say is: 4 more days, and I can sleep.

Here are a few shots from dress rehearsal...

Act III Finale

One of our star singers is performing the Countess with a broken leg (she slipped on the ice two weeks ago and is walking/singing through the leg pain). We quickly reworked some of the acting challenges for her to do the role with the broken leg...

Dove Sono

The tallest in the cast roaring out his vengeance aria...

La Vendetta

We finally hit that moment last night in the dress rehearsal where it is clearly apparent to me that the students need an audience to bump it up that final notch. They are prepared and ready to share all of their hard work with the public this weekend.


My weekend - bike riding, opera, hosting prospective students on Sunday for auditions, and giving a preview of the opera for those students and their families. Following our Sunday opera performance is the strike where we take the production apart, haul everything back to where it needs to be hauled, pack up the costumes, and clean up. It's really an exhausting weekend, but the weather will help it be more bearable - especially when hauling all of the sets, furniture, and props back to the warehouse.

Come see the opera! It's a great comedic masterpiece stacked with all the talent we can muster at Simpson College. The orchestra sounds great and you won't be disappointed. I'll be the one with bags under my eyes, but smiling proudly at what the students have accomplished learning this wonderful opera.

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