Back to parity...

After just a bit too much of my self-indulged seasonal Fall hibernation - and most likely grief due to Dad's passing - eating, as well as spending a good chunk of time on this machine the past 2 months...


...the train is finally pulling back into the Station Parity.

What goes up, must come down!


The yo-yo went up, and now at the completion of 10 weeks and 12 pounds shed, it is back down to at least what I had maintained in 2015 until October had me jump into hibernation mode. Just a bit more to go for my 2014 ideal racing weight and I can put this detour behind me. Goals that were most important for me to meet by getting back to parity: lower my cholesterol numbers, trim off the dangerous visceral fat, make sure my suits and dress pants would all fit again, and boost my energy levels.

Anyway, it's all just in time as I have my annual heart check up on tap, and the structured training continues to bump up heading into the second half of the 12 week base period.

RAGBRAI linked one of those articles dispelling 10 common stereotypes of Iowa that the article claims need to be put to rest.  Speaking of RAGBRAI, after taking last year off we have decided to ride again this year. However, we won't be riding the entire week this time, but will do the first few days.

My weekend includes a Power and HR test this morning (which will most likely show no improvement due to the weight loss); a 5 hour opera rehearsal this afternoon, a dinner/movie date, a bike ride outside Sunday mid-day, attending a recital tomorrow afternoon, and the 50th Super Bowl. Enjoy the warmer weather this weekend before the next cold spell arrives.

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