17 and counting since my year end blubber peak...

Progress continues!

Today marks the point where I have dropped 17 pounds from my 189 weight peak at the end of last year. I have shed 17 pounds down to 172 with some good progress the past month...

1:14 - 2:12

Wow, that's nearly 9% of my body weight and it was all blubber! You know, the stuff we don't need to be carrying around. Visceral fat that is ever so dangerous for health reasons. And is just an unwanted passenger coming along for the ride.

That leaves me with a bit more to go before I can switch my calories back to maintenance mode.

As expected, my FTP test last weekend did not show any progress due to losing weight during the training. In fact, it showed a degradation of about 3 watts. Once the weight loss has subsided, I expect that to turn around and start to show improvement. I did manage to power through the FTP test even though I wanted to pull the plug during warm-ups, then again at 10 minutes, and even more so at 15 minutes. Luckily, I dropped the feeling sorry for my buttercup self status at 15 minutes and just finished the test to record the data and move on.

Throw in working 10-12 hour days with the late night rehearsals and I'm surprised I am still standing. Knock on wood, I have not caught any bug, cold, flu, virus, infection, etc. this Fall/Winter up to this point. My energy and stamina feels good as well as productivity at work. I could use another waking hour or two each day to finish all I want and need to do, but that never happens.

In terms of the weight loss, it closely mirrors what I went through back in 2014, so I'm not in uncharted waters. I hit my target weight in early June of that year, but this year I am 3 months ahead of where I was at this time in 2014. I am on track to hit it in March just as I begin my 12 week structured program to tune me up for racing where I can be eating at maintenance levels as the intensity ramps up. Who knows what that will mean? In theory, especially after reading cited studies in Matt Fitzgerald's Racing Weight book, it should mean I will see improvement once I enter the intensity interval training period. At least it is worth a try in my quest to seek improvement over last season.


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