Week # 1 of Structured Training complete...

Sticking to plan, I knocked out Week #1 of my structured training this week. Yesterday, as the below post states, was a scheduled 2:15 ride which I chose to do outside in the cold to wrap up the week. We don't have a hill with a 5-8% grade that I can sustain a duration of 10 minutes on so I usually create that on the LeMond exercise bike in the basement. The Summerset Trail is a rails to trails route that does feature a rail grade from Summerset Road up into Indianola, so I use that for any 10 - 15 minute climbing intervals I have scheduled knowing the grade is less than desired, so I choose a taller gear to adjust and get the power/HR in the proper zone.

I followed the cold weather dressing guide yesterday, and was comfortable enough to survive the howling wind. There was a lot of snow and ice to deal with on the pavement which made for some bike handling skill filled moments which was not as easy due to the big mittens I was wearing. I did stay upright and got the workout in that I needed to complete the week. I need to install my Bar Mitts again to keep the hands warmer which allows me to wear a lighter pair of gloves for one finger touch braking.

I'm glad I ramped things up in December to prep for this 12 week base plan. I think I would have fallen short had I not done that. The week was a good reminder for me that riding/training to get into shape is much different than riding/training to go fast. Fortunately, both are fun for me and I welcome the challenge of focusing on getting fast again after 2015's less than satisfactory year in terms of speed.

Week #1
Ending weight 179.6 lbs. It was good to see the needle go sub-180 after the Fall weight gain.

Week#1 - 2016

Weight loss is pretty much on plan. Based on last time around I did this in 2014, I targeted the goal of dropping one pound per week to reach my riding/racing weight. Knowing that performance does not improve while losing weight, I may bump up the weight loss goal on the front end of this 12 week plan to 1.5 or 2 pounds per week just to get it out of the way so I can see better gains in the performance sooner, rather than just at the tail end of the base plan. Even though I have been losing about one pound per week the past 5 weeks, I've certainly been chowing down like there's no tomorrow. Time to reign that in to run a larger deficit and get the digital reading on the scale to complete getting the entirety of this monkey off of my back again like I did in 2014...


Once all of that is off, walking up hills is easier, riding up hills is easier, and climbing stairs becomes easier. I did not let the yo-yo to this extent happen a year ago, but this year I did and now have to deal with it again. So to motivate myself, I journal it all here and use it to whip myself back into fighting weight shape.

Today begins Week #2...

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