Those little town blues...and back to Iowa!

Our visit to NYC included trying to make use of each and every day as best we could.

Live Performances

La Boheme with the 35 year old production by Franco Zeffirelli.
Die Fledermaus in the 2nd year production by Robert Jones.
Les Pêcheurs de Perles in a new production by Dick Bird and 59 Productions, directed by Penny Woolcock - it is a MUST see!
Les Miserables in the latest revival (3rd revival I believe) at the Imperial Theatre.



Son of Saul by László Nemes - Film won the Cannes International Film Festival and the Golden Globe Awards
Concussion by Peter Landesmann

Museums & Attractions


Metropolitan Museum of Art
9/11 Memorial and Museum
Museum of Modern of Art
Statue of Liberty National Monument
Brooklyn Bridge
Strawberry Fields in Central Park
Belvedere Castle in Central Park
Wall Street and Broad Street
Federal Hall of New York City (where George Washington was inaugurated)
Rockefeller Center
Carnegie Hall
Times Square
St. John the Divine
St. Patrick's Cathedral




Katz's Deli
Porter House
Sushi Damo
The Flame Diner
Dallas BBQ


As expected, the pastrami at Katz's won my vote in a side by side comparison test with their brisket. Damn good sandwich for sure! The plate of pickles, New York Seltzer water, and some deli fries rounded out the Katz's experience. We were so stuffed from that lunch that we decided to skip dinner that evening and shared a snack during intermission at the opera instead.

I would run, not walk, to see the HD Broadcast of Les Pêcheurs de Perles this Saturday or next Wednesday for the replay if you cannot make it to NYC to see this absolutely wonderful production at the MET. It's been called the sleeper hit of the season at the MET and for good reasons. Go see it if you can. Live is best. But the HD Broadcast at Jordan Creek for Des Moines area folks - check your local theaters for the HD Metropolitan broadcast for this Saturday in other areas - will do.

Son of Saul was a movie I really wanted to see. It's about a Sonderkommando in Auschwitz-Birkenau. I figured this movie might not make it to the Fleur Cinema in Des Moines, so I talked my son into going with me while we were in New York warning him that it would be a rather depressing film. I'm really glad I got to see it. Now that it has won the Cannes International Film Festival, NY Film Critics Circle Award, the Golden Globe Award and has been nominated for The American Society of Cinematographers Spotlight Award - maybe the Fleur will consider bringing it here to Des Moines.

I had not been to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum before, and it certainly took me back to that day and the following days of the unfolding stories involving those tragic terrorist attacks and massive loss of life. The museum was built with utter care and is very well done.

The Museum of Modern Art had a special Picasso Sculpture Exhibit on display which was fun for me to see since he is best known for his paintings (and for obvious reasons). And of course, seeing all of the famous paintings that I always love to see in person at that museum remains a treat. Namely, Van Gogh's The Starry Night always tops my list when I go there for a visit even though you have to fight the crowds to get a good view. Dal, Rousseau, Czanne (love The Bather), Lichtenstein, Matisse, Warhol, Picasso, and on and on for a really joyous walk to view and study the paintings makes for a fun afternoon when in NYC.



It was interesting to be back in New York this time around as I haven't been there in a few years. Last time I was there, the flip-phone was the more the norm. Now the entire city walks around with a Smart Phone glued to their hands while staring at the screen as they walk down the street, cross in intersections, ride on the bus, ride the train, sit in restaurants - it's actually really rather a sad commentary what everyone has become with the stinking tethered device we call a phone.

At least New York did not disappoint me with this graffiti commentary on the current state:


That might just be a really good motto worthy of graffiti in most of our lives these days...

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