Empty Nesters again...

It was great having our son and daughter home for the holiday break, but as of today they are both back at their respective schools to start the 2nd Semester. We drove down on Friday with Zack to the University of Oklahoma and came back Saturday which made for 2 eight hour days on I-35 to pull off the there and back journey. Alexa packed up and headed back to the University of Iowa this afternoon. This means the adjustment period begins for us to a more quiet household as we slip back into our routine this evening as empty nesters.

Tomorrow is Tara's birthday. Our plans have been made to celebrate in the manner she has requested with a quiet dinner at home. This means a post work exercise date in the basement, followed by my skills as Chef to cook up a special birthday meal.

Today ended the 3rd Week of my base training plan. It has been going rather well this year - including working around a trip to NYC, and the 2 day trip down to Norman and back. I can really feel everything firming up and the zip in my legs returning after I felt that zip being gone for so many months due to not being able to train like I needed to in 2015. With the training and watching calories, I have managed to whittle this much off from the peak of my off season yo-yo weight gain so far...


I've got another one of those to lose from here to make weight, so I'll keep chipping away at it one day, and one week at at time.

I have a busy week ahead for me that includes a long "to do" list. I started in on that list this afternoon, but have miles to go on it along with several meetings spread throughout the week. At least the Broncos have started the week off right for me!!!

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