Dropping back "in the zone"....

The furnace is lit (calorie burning) with the training and proper calorie counting - or at least more honest counting that is.

I'm just about back to the 175 mark before my off-season FALL/WINTER bulge happened.


The spike up happened a bit more gradually than the above chart shows due to me now plugging in my weight on a daily/weekly basis. In addition, it actually spiked up all the way to 189 which I refused to plug into the calculator as it shocked me enough to turn the tide. Nevertheless, the above chart shows the progress coming back down the mountain.

Iowa Bike Expo tomorrow. I've got a couple of presentations and meetings to attend, as well as enjoy the showroom floor. If you are at all into cycling in any capacity, come see what has become the Midwest's largest Bike Expo - right here in Des Moines.

Now, outside for some shoveling and off to two meetings to begin my Friday...

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