Windy Weekend...

Tara and I had a fun weekend that seemed to blow by in more ways than one. We attended the musical Bridges of Madison County on Friday night at the Civic Center in Des Moines. I have to say, we both loved it! Especially the acting of the two leads. We came home for a glass of wine and talked about the show before dropping off to sleep at the end of a long work week.

I had contemplated all week long driving over to Iowa City to race the Saturday Jingle Cross CAT 4 race. I woke up Saturday and realized I was sort of spent from the week which led to my decision to stay home and take a bike ride on pavement Saturday afternoon instead. I got my calorie burn in and my heart rate up thanks to the wind and the speed I was going. For whatever reason, I was really hammering away as the legs felt good on the way north with the wind, and when I turned around to ride back south and up the hill against the wind - the HR jumped up a Zone higher than it usually is on that climb. This all added to the calorie burn and made for a good training ride.

Tara was attending a workshop all day, so I got home from my ride and fired up the Big Green Egg which took off rather quickly thanks to the strong wind that was blowing. I smoked a chicken that Tara used to make a wonderful pizza for dinner that we ate while we watched the Iowa vs. Michigan Big 10 Championship game.

More calories to burn on the bike after that pizza, so we rode together at Lake Ahquabi on Sunday to take advantage of the weather and the pretty decent trail conditions. The wind was working its magic helping dry out the trails, blow the leaves, and was strong enough that it required us to bundle up a bit more than what the thermometer indicated we needed to wear. We encountered a few trees along the route that have fallen down this Fall...


I swapped out my usual Specialized race wheels and put on the wide rims with the 2.35 Racing Ralphs on the JET for the ride. Mike Curiak built these for me this summer at his LaceMine29.com shop in Grand Junction, Colorado. I really like these wheels and the profile they give the big tires.


We had a good time. It was a mutual decision after two laps that it was time to go home for some lunch, and for me - a nap.

I attended the Simpson College/Community Orchestra concert in the evening where I felt the group gave their strongest performance to date with works by Saint-Saƫns, Ott, Sibelius, and Grieg. I rushed home for the first night of Hanukkah and Tara's candle lighting. We watched the Sinatra 100th Birthday Celebration to round out the musical portion of the weekend. I fell fast asleep before the end of the show and missed Lady Gaga! Oh well....

The weekend blew right on by, but we enjoyed it.

This is our final week of classes for the Fall Semester at Simpson with final tests next week. Our own kids come home from their respective colleges next week as well for the holidays.

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