What's up?

Way too much has passed since my last post. Enough said.

I was seen in my Lederhosen this past weekend at a wondeful party in Des Moines...


Tara and I have been enjoying the wonderful Fall mountain biking scene...


A successful 2015 IMBCS season (our 13th) wrapped up in Davenport...



The Mullet Fall Classic (version 8) took place...



A trip to San Francisco, Mid-Terms, planning for IMBCS 2016, teaching from 9 - 5:30 each day (well, actually working until 8 the past two nights), watching baseball in October, enjoying singlespeeding this Fall - it's all been happening. 24 hours at a time.

Work is going great. IMBCS planning for 2016 is pretty exciting with our new Advisory Board, sponsorships, and the additional opportunities for the 2016 season coming together well enough to make me content. Our family is doing well. Weight lifting in the off-season is going well. Appliances are all working for the moment. Trump is fading - which is good.

Not much else to report at the moment. ;-)

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