Labor Day Weekend & Fitness...

A hot and humid Labor Day Weekend in Iowa for sure!

I certainly put the labor in my Labor Day weekend on Saturday and Sunday with trail work out at Lake Ahquabi. The act of raking the tread and clearing debris stirred up plenty of dust and pollen. Add trimming tall weeds on the side of the trail that are in full bloom and covered in pollen to that, and well....it got the best of my allergies. After sneezing about 40 times each day, I managed to still ride the mountain bike on both days. I even went to a rehearsal for 2:30 hours Sunday night and the voice kind of - sort of worked.

Depending on the weather, Monday may have me doing a little bit more work outside.

Speaking of fitness, I used the past week to do a much needed Rest & Recovery week. My body was full of aches and pains from prior trail work (lifting heavy trees and logs, chainsawing, trimming, debris removal, pushing the walk behind trimmer, etc...) as well as 3 consecutive weekend races.

For kicks, I took an online fitness test to calculate my "fitness age" HERE and had to laugh at my results...



Sure. Whatever. Now, if my body only felt 28 after doing trail work and doing some laps on the mountain bike! Instead, it feels difficult to get out of bed with all of the aches and pains I feel in my muscles and joints.

Laborious at times...

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