Fall weather rolls in just in time for mountain bike racing & the Jewish New Year....

It looks like Ma Nature is going to treat us kindly this weekend in IMBCS land for the Summerset Shootout which is what is on tap at Summerset State Park (Banner Pits) tomorrow. Two out of our seven races to date have gone off with good weather, excellent conditions and no need for a rain delay or postponement. So it will be nice to finally have a third in the bag with no hitches.

The forecast (after a gorgeous Friday that was sunny with nice wind to dry out all the trails) for tomorrow's race looks Fastastic! Yup, not fantastic, but FASTastic!

Summerset Weather

Hopefully, even though our race is up against a cyclocross race in Pella, we will have a good turn out tomorrow. Banner trails are some of Central Iowa's finest and well worth the drive to come and race on them. The trail is in excellent shape, groomed and really in primo conditions. I would love to see this race take off with an explosion of participants compared to the past few years.

I have a busy weekend on tap with the Saturday race, a Saturday wedding, a Sunday trail work day (excellent weather forecast for that as well) at Lake Ahquabi, and the start of Rosh Hashanah where I will once again be singing services on Sunday night, and Monday morning. We've been rehearsing all summer and had 3 evening rehearsals this week in preparation - so I hope we are ready!

Have a great weekend everyone! Grab your bike and race. And Happy New Year to all of my Jewish friends. I will do my best to do justice to the music on Sunday and Monday.

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