Once in a blue moon...

We won't see two full moons in a month again until 2018, but the blue moon was indeed spectacular this past week to round out July 2015. It just so happened that we had a break in the weather pattern from all of the rain that we could actually see the moon. Even last night it looked wonderful as we were driving back from Iowa City. Clouds covering the moon? Yup, the month of July saw nearly 12 inches of rainfall in Indianola.

My July riding ended up being a little short from my original intentions due to Dad's passing. I pretty much was off the bike for a week. Following that, I had plenty of aimless riding, but in spite of being aimless, the exercise felt good and therapeutic.

I mainly just kept things going with the legs and lungs on the bike, and also did quite a bit of trail work at Banner Pits and Center Trails. When I add into the mix teaching a week of music camp at Simpson, directing a race coming up this weekend and all of the time spent with event organization in getting that ready, it's a wonder I got as much time on the bike as I did in July. Flooding and rain kept me off on some days, or shortened others.

July 1 - rode 9.8 miles for a duration of 1:07:02
July 2 - rode 10:84 miles for a duration of 1:35:19
July 3 - rode 5.53 miles for a duration of 00:31:13
July 8 - rode 5.8 miles for a duration of 00:45:35
July 10 - rode 29.1 miles for a duration of 1:52:10
July 11 - rode 20.8 miles for a duration of 1:27:51
July 13 - rode 7.61 miles for a duration of 00:59:06
July 15 - rode 11.7 miles for a duration of 1:38:15
July 16 - rode 46.23 miles for a duration of 3:15:35
July 18 - rode 17 miles for a duration of 1:30:30
July 19 - rode 7.25 miles for a duration of 1:03:41
July 21 - rode 8.41 miles for a duration of 1:00:19
July 24 - rode 7.55 miles for a duration of 0:41:01
July 25 - rode 71.4 miles for a duration of 4:51:45
July 26 - rode 8.68 miles for a duration of 0:45:39
July 28 - rode 31.2 miles for a duration of 2:00:13
July 29 - rode 12.7 miles for a duration of 0:56:12
July 30 - rode 18.1 miles for a duration of 1:20:12

July Total MIles: 311.6          July Total Hours: 27:21:38

Moving forward....

Number plates and award medals arrived on Thursday...


Friday I spent 6 hours doing trail work at Center Trails before I ran out of trimmer line, met with the chef at Strudl Haus to pay for the final order of food at the race, met with the meat manager at the butcher for the sausages, and then ended the day in a flurry.


The U-Haul I had reserved a week ago to use to take Alexa's stuff to her new apartment was no longer available. 15 minutes before my scheduled pick up time in West Des Moines as I was driving in the car, I got a text from U-Haul HQ telling me I now had to pick it up in Ames. WTF? The Ames location closed at 8 and we would just barely make it. We ended up racing to Ames to make it before they closed. The gal at the counter informed me that I couldn't pick it up until Saturday morning as that is what her computer screen was showing. WTF? Long story short, we did get a trailer, got a $50 rebate back from U-Haul for our troubles, and rushed back to Homemakers to pick up her new furniture. Homemakers closed at 9, and we arrived at 8:50. If only the rental pick up had worked out as planned for the original scheduled 6:45 in West Des Moines, things would have gone smoothly and there would have not been a mad dash at the end to get the trailer and the furniture. However, the once in a blue moon month of July certainly aided the old adage that nothing ever goes as planned.

Once we got her new bed and nightstand loaded in the U-Haul, it occurred to us we had not eaten. So we stopped for a bite to eat in Des Moines and finally got home in bed around 11 PM. That was a 15 hour day for me of non-stop activity/movement.

Saturday was spent moving Alexa into her new apartment. This included lots of heavy lifting, and assembling things, but we got everything done before driving back home. Actual move in time took about 6 hours of work which wasn't too bad. My body feels exhausted after the physicality required of the two back to back days I put in. I may have to reach for some Ibuprofen today (which I hate to do) based on how I feel this morning. We will have the same moving routine with Zack this week in Oklahoma.

Now that the blue moon is gone - I hope there are no snafus with the rental truck!!!!

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