RIP Dr. Reverend Preston C. Brown...

Preacher Dad

My father, United Methodist Minister, VFW of the Korean War, mentor to many who pursued a career in the ministry, a tireless servant who ministered to thousands and thousands throughout his career, was instrumental in his work during the Wounded Knee crisis, the Rapid City Flood, and served churches in Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota has finally reached the stage of being called "home". 

My family was fortunate to have him visit us in Iowa at the end of April for my son's college graduation from Simpson College. I feel fortunate to have spent 4 days with him last week in Rapid City after he was admitted to the hospital. During those 4 days, we solved all the political problems in the US, addressed world issues, talked about the weather, shared memories, and pretty much talked a lot about nothing to bide the time. He was completely at peace. When I kissed him good-bye to return to my own family in Iowa with promises of coming out later in the summer, I wasn't expecting not seeing him again as the ailments he was in the hospital for were under control and plans were to transfer him back to his retirement home this week. 

However, he experienced a massive stroke on Monday and passed July 2nd in the early evening. My daughter arrives from Vienna this evening and then we will drive out to the Black Hills to celebrate his long 88 1/2 year life of service to the Lord, 56 years as a parent, nearly 30 years as a grandparent, and probably about 70+ years of being an automobile nut fixated on products from Ford. 

Although sadness, loss, and grief fills me personally, I really have to say this man was blessed and happy for his entire life. He never stopped giving and learning. That's something worth celebrating and a goal I look forward to following...

Dad and the girls


Grandpa Brown on Graduation Day with Zack


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