A full moon arrives tonight. Here is a shot from the center of town on my way to rehearsal last night...


Clear skies, cold temperatures - well, not that cold at 30-32 degrees - made for a crystal clear pair of evenings. It's nice to have some sunshine and clear skies since there have been a lot of mostly cloudy, rainy, and snowy days here in Deutschland.

I logged a really good base training month in Iowa during December, as well as hit it pretty hard in early January before coming over on this side of the pond. I had several weeks of 12 - 14 hours which is not bad at all for me in the early stages of base training, but at the time I thought maybe it was too early to be logging like that. However, I knew that once in Germany the work schedule would not allow for a good January due to a lot of things being front end loaded for administrative duties.

Temperatures were warm the first two weeks I was here in Germany allowing me to get out on the bike to keep things tuned up, but the past week was pretty poor for pedal time due to my work schedule, having caught a chest cold, and the weather keeping me indoors. OK - it was abysmal training wise! I didn't worry about it as work was more important. I did manage to get some good weight training in to at least keep the metabolism fired up.

I am trying to rectify the pedal time this week with a jumpstart right back into the base building mode with careful time management. I'm not sure how I am going to get the hours back that I really need, but at least I've got 2:10 logged to start this week on a roll which allowed me to leave a big puddle on the gym floor. I am missing the home basement gym to say the least as I don't have to walk 30 minutes to get there, and 30 minutes back home when finished.

At least I am getting 60-90 minutes a day of walking (7 days a week!). That doesn't count for pedal time though. Time to pose a coaching question about how to integrate the walking.

Update: LW says with regard to all the walking I am having to do...

This is a common dilemma for athletes working physical jobs. It is appropriate to reduce the volume of your riding to account for your walking time.
– Drop all the optional recovery rides and use your walking time for that.
– In recovery weeks 3, 6, 9, 12 drop days 2 and 4 in favor of passive rest.
– Shorten the warm up and cool down time on interval rides to compensate for your walking volume.
– If you are tired in any week on day 2, drop all sessions that day in favor of passive rest.

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