100 & 100 = ???

No worries, it's not a trick arithmetic question. Or is it?

Translation: 100 minutes of walking + 100 minutes of cycling = what kind of training stress.

I am in the heat of week 2 of my structured training plan and am having to adapt things due to the reality of my main mode of transportation until the end of April are my two feet. A typical day of walking directly to work and back, plus going to the gym for a workout later in the day totals 90 minutes of walking minimum. Toss in the walk to lunch, and well it's very easy to log 100 minutes of walking each day. It's been great for keeping weight down, and working on long forgotten parts of my body. But it does take its toll in terms of energy, fuel, and what I do on the bike or in the weight room.

Yesterday called for a session on the bike with force reps, and originally I had planned on doing it outside based on the forecast. However, the sun never peaked out and what was supposed to be a upper 40's sunny day, ended up being a cold, damp, dark day. So I did the work on the exercise bike in the gym. I felt compelled to overdo things due to having missed my weekend training, so I got 100 minutes on the bike even though only 60 were called for and I was drained by the end as I had outwalked and outridden my glycogen stores. And I still had a 30 minute walk home before I could eat.

No worries, I made it and dug into the Albenbrot, cheese, chicken, lettuce, and ended with a nice Krapfen that my hostess had left for me on the table. Two glasses of wine later - which is what my Fat Tuesday celebration was in my loft apartment - and it was time for bed.

Today and tomorrow are also forecast for upper 40's and sunshine, so we will see what gets delivered so I can arrange my training schedule to get in what I need to this week before heading off to Nürnberg on Friday for the weekend.

Time for coffee and breakfast...

In the meantime, we are becoming quite familiar with the Pyramid of Hate in our studies (we have several versions we use in class), having lively daily discussions and are witnessing current events here in Europe - both in the form of antisemitism as well as anti-Islamicism. Students are engaging in conversation with their host families, and everyone is progressing with their knowledge in detail of the events of the past, as well as looking at the events of the current time.

One of our Pyramids we study...


A short video with regard to the day in the life of being a Jew in France...


Iowagriz said...

Wear your Garmin for a day to track activity and TSS. After much thought, I did that a few years back to get a TSS on the lawn mowing :) Then I could add that hour and 15 pts to TrainingPeaks. I also did the same for lifting and ab work. You might be surprised at what it adds for the day.

Bruce Brown said...

I should probably strap on the HR strap and track activity. Problem being, I am on a SIM card for my phone here in Europe and using the iPhone/HR strap eats up a great ton of my data that I am allowed (and pay extra for) over here.

Suffice it to say, the walking takes it out of me.