Saturday Road Ride...

I don't how many times this fall and winter I have said "this is probably our last good road ride before the weather turns" only to have Ma Nature bounce back with another opportunity. Yesterday was such a day as Tara announced we were doing a 30+ miler after she got back from walking the dogs in the morning reporting to me that it was beautiful outside. 8 weekends in a row I've been able to log some nice mileage - each one with the thought it could be the last chance.

Yes, I have endless hours of work and preparation that I am doing for my semester, packing to do, chores around the house, and the IMBCS 2015 season to finish ironing out some final details before my trip. However, not wanting to miss yet another last opportunity for a good road ride had me suit up to join the wife for some Saturday sun and pavement.

Off we went as we both settled into a nice leisurely pace which was fine with me considering the singlespeed workout the day prior. The sun was shining, and we stopped on the Summerset Trail for a photo or two...


I managed to dress just right for the 36 degree temperatures, as I was comfortable the entire ride. Not too warm, and not too cold.

It was a very relaxed pace as we rolled the 31.2 miles in 2:25 which is about 30 minutes longer than we usually do that ride in warmer months. However, it was very enjoyable to be out and about on the bikes together and laughing about this one probably being our last good one. Who knows? Maybe Ma Nature will surprise us - or Tara, rather. I'll have temps in the 30's - 40's where I am going for January/February allowing me to get out for some rides if I can just figure out the bike situation (bring one along, rent one there, borrow one there, buy a used one there.....).

Today we have about an inch of snow that fell last night, and 4 to 5 more inches on the way. So that may have been the last good one for quite some time in these parts.

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