Out of my way!!!

Cultural Observation for today. Whenever I holler out at the walkers on the bike trail, it doesn't seem to have the same response as it does stateside. Maybe I am being too polite with my Ich bin auf der linken Seite.

I will next holler out a simpler....Fahrrad Links!!!....to see if I get a better response from the walkers. And there are a lot of walkers - which is good to see here in Germany.

I may have to buy a bell as I have heard a few others with the ting-ting of a bell. However, I'm moving along in the 14-18 mph range and coming up on people in winter hats and coats which might be part of why they are not responding to my calling out. Oh well...life could be worse. I will figure out the trail etiquette in German in due time.

I didn't feel any muscle aches today from the gym session last night. That's odd since I worked it pretty hard after nearly a two week layoff from weights.

I figured I had better take advantage of no rain or snow today to get a 90 minute Zone 2 effort in while the getting was good after work, and before the sun set. It is now setting at 5:01 pm rather than 4:48 when I got here two weeks ago, so I am getting a little more leeway on the afternoon side. I discovered a nice 3.7 mile climb up the mountain behind the house I am living in which will be a nice workout when I take it on.  Coming back down the hill should be a nice screamer!!!!

Here was today's post-work training ride...


Schorndorf to Beutelsbach and back. I worked up a good appetite and ate some bread, cheese, and turkey cold cuts in my loft digs as there was no point in going out or cooking tonight. Tomorrow night is our first pizza night. I'll try to get a quick spin in after work tomorrow and before the snow starts on Thurday evening (forecast is for 1 - 3"). Looks like we have an upcoming week with snow just about every day which is going to land me in the gym on the spin bike until everything melts and the bike paths are clear again.

It is winter after all, and the first two weeks have been relatively warm and mild. At least I got to break out the winter jacket today which I was wondering if it had been a mistake that I brought it along. However, temps were in the 30's and I enjoyed having it.

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