Jet lag is always a beast that wreaks havoc on my sleep cycles, so I thought using exercise this time would help curtail it.

It is a bit warmer than traditional this week in southern Germany. I jumped on the chance and used the nice weather as an opportunity to hit the bike. I traveled 14 kilometers over to one of the neighboring towns on Tuesday by riding to Weinstadt.


It was a wonderful 59 degrees outside with sunshine, and very little wind. This made for a pleasant 1st journey. I only stopped for 2 photographs as I wanted to keep riding and get back to the house in time to do some work.

The rear Arkel rack came with extenders to have the rack 4 inches lower than it is shown in these pictures. Once I got back to the house, I put the extenders on and that lowered the center of gravity. It also made for a much easier mounting and dismounting process to swing my leg up and over the rear rack and pack.

Did the ride help curtail my jet leg? Nope!

Wednesday's pleasant start to the day weather wise gave way in the mid-afternoon to huge rain showers with thunder and lightening. The high was only 46, but I got my first trip to Aldi in to purchase groceries. I arranged for a few more things for our visit, then had lunch with my host, her daughter, and grandson. A second trip out and about in the early evening was a nice hour walk as I bought some coffee, fresh bread, garlic, and avoided getting rained on since I timed it perfectly.

Did the walk curtain my jet lag? Nope.

It will be back in the 50's on Thursday when I pick the students up at the Stuttgart airport and bring them to Schorndorf where they will meet their host families. Friday will be our first day of classes, and Saturday is our first weekend day trip.

Now, to see if I can get some sleep...

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