Happy New Year, Happy New Look, Happy Anniversary...

First of all, Happy New Year to all friends, family, and - as Doctor Falke says in the prologue to Die Fledermaus - "others". We got together with our circle of friends over at Chuck and Gayla's to ring in the New Year. Tara snapped a shot of us us before we started the wonderful meal.

Tara suggested a few pictures to update here on the blog, and move away from the dark black look to a brighter blue look. So here it is - a fresh new lighter look for 2015. May the year be full of challenges, desires, wants, success, problem solving, fun, family, friends, work, and of course - plenty of hours on the bike!!!!

December 30th was our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We had a major turning point in our relationship this summer, and at my 53rd birthday Tara asked me to marry her all over again. So we renewed our vows in a private ceremony on December 30th in downtown Des Moines that was officiated by Fritz Wehrenberg. We met Fritz at Simpson where he served as the college Chaplain for 4 years before his retirement. He was our first choice to conduct the ceremony.

Fritz's wife, Jennie, snapped a few pictures of us during and after the ceremony. Here we are after saying our vows, exchanging rings, being blessed, and of course - for me - shedding a few tears...

The four of us then went up to our suite in the Des Lux hotel where the staff had set a table for 4 with linens, cheeses, and a beautiful bottle of wine that was an anniversary present from our good friends Tina and Jon Hade, and Deb and Joel Hade. The wine was wonderful! The cheese was wonderful!

After visiting for an hour, we all parted ways and Tara and I made our way to our anniversary dinner a few blocks away. Goofing around at dinner, I attempted to take a selfie of us (Tara hates selfies), and caught her cracking up over the whole scenario...

We followed up the wonderful evening with breakfast at Gateway Market where we visited for at least an hour, and came out feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to take it one day at a time for many years to come.

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