ATP 2014 numbers...and am I destined to be a Singlespeed commuter this year?

Could it be? Could my commuter, get-around-town, grocery fetching bike, trainer, fire road adventurer, and all around winter slop set of wheels in Germany be my Karate Monkey singlespeed?

Plus side: No worries of drivetrain issues, or rim braking surface in winter slop. Perhaps the Surly Karate Monkey is not the most attractive bike to thieves compared to my other two possible bikes (carbon Roubaix, Dos Niner with Roval carbon wheels). My Dos Niner frame pack fits the Karate Monkey, along with the gas tank, and my saddlebag so I could haul my essentials to and from the job, as well as carry an umbrella, rain gear, bike lock(s), spare whatever along with my messenger type computer bag that I could carry over the shoulder. Or a more universal solution such as the Burley Travoy? Or an Arkel Randonneur Seat Post Rack and one the Arkel bags that attaches to it? I'd probably have to go back to a straight post instead of the layback to handle the Arkel rack attachment system. However, the measurements look like it just might work fine without a post swap.


Without the saddlebag...


Cons: no gears to shift to for any steady state training I can squeeze in during my off hours. There are miles and miles of paved biking trails and that leads back to taking the road bike. Perhaps the Surly Karate Monkey is too unique for that part of the world and would attract more eyes and attention than a road bike would.

Commuter bike for January - April: this is the week to figure it all out. Take a bike with me and pay the airline charges. And if so - which bike will serve my needs the best and not get stolen overseas. Or if I don't take a bike with me, and make arrangements in the other side of the pond - what will I end up riding? I will need to haul groceries, my computer and teaching supplies, music, perhaps a duffle as well on extended trips. Burley seems like a sound, if not overkill solution to handle the entire trip and all of my needs...

My bikes are too big and tall for it as shown, so I would also have to get a rear rack to be able to mount the hitch onto which sort of defeats the purpose. So nix on the Burley. Arkel looks to be the most painless, compact, and lightweight solution, even if I'd have to swap out posts which is no big deal as I have a Thomson straight post. However, I like the layback because the XL size Surly bike needs the long stem and layback for me to be in the best position on the bike. Measurements do look like it would work either way. If not, it back to a Timbuktu Messenger bag - or my Kensington Saddle Bag. It will all work out whatever I choose as I have options.

In the meantime, I have plenty of things to do this week to get ready to go. My to do list grows by the hour, and I am trying to be as productive as possible throughout each and every day to get things done on that list. Tomorrow is a huge day for me to get things done as the Simpson Campus opens up again, so I will be hitting the library, office, registrar, business office, and tackling my list.

ATP Final Tally for 2014

My goal was to only add 10% over 2013 hours. I shouldn't say "only", as adding 10% is a tall order at my age. So my 2014 target was set on 477 hours. As you can see, I was only about an hour, thirty-eight minutes short of the goal. That's close enough to call it good.

2104 ATP by Month

And the Training Peaks monthly breakdown of the year...

2014 ATP

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