Arrived and settled...

I had a safe schlep from one continent to another. No surprises outside of one suitcase arriving with the zippers all messed up as it appears TSA didn't take their time to zip it back up properly after they inspected it. It was an easy fix involving sliding the zipper all the way back around to the other side which was too much to ask the authorities to do - or so it appears as my bag was hand delivered through the heavy baggage door, dropped on the floor where all of my stuff dumped out on the floor for all to see!

Here's where home base will be the next 4 months...

Upon arrival Saturday afternoon, my hostess mentioned to me that it was the 80th birthday of Sherrill Milnes and she had just heard an hour radio broadcast highlighting his career. That broke the ice as we launched into a discussion about baritones. This and a glass of champagne to welcome me to her home was how it started, followed by homemade pumpkin soup, a 2 hour visit in German, and a trip to the grocery store.

I managed to stay awake until 7 pm - then slept for 9 hours.

Daylight is 39 minutes shorter here than in Iowa, so it is dark until about 8:13 am here, and is dark at 4:48 pm making for a shorter day. It's 40 degrees this morning at 8 while I type this and get ready to make some breakfast. Heading to 56 by Tuesday which might be a good day to assemble the bike and check out the local riding.

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