Saturday's story: It fits!!!

Knowing there would be crowds out shopping, I braved it alone to hit up two of my favorite shopping venues in Des Moines. Saturday noon time had temperatures that were nice, and it fit my day's schedule to shop, get lunch, ride my bike, and end with Virginia and Nix's Christmas Party.

The hunt for tall/slim man's clothing has improved! Everything I have purchased in the past two weeks was on sale to boot. My new Levi's (a nice pair of 32 x 36 original fit 501's) arrived from San Francisco yesterday.

According to the tracking # of a pair of sweaters, they are due to arrive on my doorstep tomorrow. Two new Michael Kors suits - 40L with 32 x 36" trousers - both being taken in a bit in the waist of the pants, and the sides of the jacket - will be ready by the 16th of the month.

A Calvin Klein suit I bought last year that fit great at the time before I dropped 20 pounds is being altered in the same manner - taken in at the waist, and the jacket sides are being tapered in for a trimmer fit.  I still need a few more dress shirts in a tapered slim fit with long enough sleeves, but that's next on the hunting list.  I got one new belt and some new socks on sale as well yesterday.

My first purchase of a pair of Danish Company ECCO shoes confirms that I have now moved into old age going for comfort over style.  They actually are a great blend of form, function, and style compared to my usual Italian or Johnston and Murphy loafer preference.  Color me impressed. Imagine?  Me with a pair of shoes that do not have leather soles!!!!  I'll have to get used to walking again...

I stumbled upon a heavily discounted pair of Steve Madden shoes that was the final pair the store had in that model from last year.  The sales price was aided by an additional 25% discount at Younkers which meant they also graced my shopping bag.

I stopped in at Palmer's Deli for a Turnberry sandwich to go, and couldn't resist grabbing a 7 layer bar to toss in my lunch bag with the pickle, sandwich, and bottled water as well.  I knew I had 30 miles on tap for a training ride and would easily burn the calories.  Wow, was it good.  YUM!!!

I headed out for my 2 hour ride on my own version of the Global Fat Bike day by running my 30mm wide gravel tires on the road bike.  ;-)  I had my music going full bore with Sinatra, Beethoven, Saint-Saens, Kiss, AC/DC, Nazareth, Joan Jett, Massenet, etc..., heart rate pumping in the 145 - 162 range the entire ride, and all was well until mile 25 when the iPhone battery suddenly went from 1/2 charged to giving me the low battery signal - which then about a minute later resulted in it shutting off.  Go figure, but it turns out it was the cold air.  iPhones do not like the cold and since it was mounted on my handlebars, the windchill made it act up.  I plugged it in at home and after a couple of minutes it jumped to life and warmed up only to show that the battery indeed still had 1/2 a charge.

I shaved and showered, got dressed and headed to Des Moines with Tara to enjoy a wonderful Christmas Party at the Lauridsen's.  The Simpson College Madrigal Singers were singing at the party, and we all sang Christmas Carols with Jamie and Bernard taking turns at the piano.  My favorite moment came when I was standing next to an attractive woman about my age who was nursing a glass of wine and enjoying the music we were all singing. After she heard me sing various carols, and after I cut loose on O Holy Night - she asked me if I had been in high school choir.  Too funny!!  I said yes, and asked her if she had been in high school choir as well.  She said no, but she was on the baton twirling team. It was a great moment and I wasn't going to spoil it for her that I had trained beyond "high school choir" for a few decades. The party was such fun with beautiful decorations, delicious food and what seemed like an endless supply of beverages that were enjoyed by the crowd of what looked to be 100.  Thank you Virginia and Nix!!!!

All in all a great Saturday.  And one that FIT all the way around...

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