Black Friday and weekend Shopping BUST!!!

I have been holding off on purchasing new clothes since I dropped weight this year, and making do with what I do have (even though I am really swimming in all of it).  Now that I am back to my 31" waist, I remember well the frustration from years ago of trying to get pants that fit.  Hilfiger worked back then, but they don't make much in my length anymore for some reason.  Buying off the rack is nearly impossible as very few stores anywhere have pants that are 31" x 36" or even 32 x 36" which I could get altered to snug them up.

A typical suit in 42L comes with the smallest pants being 36" waist.  No way they can take in 5" off of the waist without the front pockets becoming back pockets!!!  And the crease would be from my hip to the knee which would be way too funny.  Buying suit separates would be my ticket, but even then - it is rare to find pants with enough of an inseam I need to match the waist unless I up the game to a Brooks Brothers $1200 suit.  I can find a lot of 30" x 32" or 31" by 32" pants - but I need 4 more inches in length.  Even online, all the designers don't have pants in my size.

I did manage to try on enough things this weekend in the war zone of Black Friday weekend to get the waist correct.  I ordered and got a sale on Levi 501's from the Strauss website in the correct size as no store carried my size.  And I got a couple of sweaters online for the Black Friday sale price that are being shipped to me.  Same sale price as this weekend, but I have to pay the shipping to get the sizes I need.

I am sorely in need of a couple of new suits in my size since most everything else I have is 44L with 34 or 36" waist pants from my unhealthy years.  One suit, I think I can take in from 34" waist and salvage it (my black Calvin Klein suit).  The rest are history for now.

I may have to wait until I get over in Europe where I never had a problem getting things long enough - even off the rack - in Austria, and Germany.  Suffice it to say, the hunt is on for the sizing and style I can live with for the price.

It's much like buying bikes for me.  Stores and companies only target the majority.  Being tall and slim puts one in the minority as the supply and demand equation is not in my favor for clothes here in the US.

One of my favorite blogs, Tall Adaptations, is well versed in my dilemma.

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