November wonder...

It has really been a pleasure to enjoy viewing the fall colors the past 5 or 6 weeks.  The colors came later this year than previous years, so it has been nice having a longer period with leaves still on the trees.  I hate the time period when all we have are bare trees for 5 months, so at least we got about 3 extra weeks on this end of the bare season.

A favorite from this fall...


October ended with the traditional Beggars' Night for Trick or Treating in Indianola on Thursday.  Zack and Hannah dressed up and scared the majority of kids that came to our door between 6-8 pm.  They had a nice playlist of eerie music playing, and even Max was scared by it all.

Zach, Max, Hannah

Thursday and Friday were days off at Simpson as it was Fall Break.  I used the opportunity, along with the weekend, to do some cleaning at home, get things ready for taxes in April, smoke some meat, lift weights, and do some mountain bike rides at Lake Ahquabi, Center Trails, and Banner.  I wrapped up the week of riding nearly 10 hours by doing 3 laps at Banner Pits on the full route.  I want to start "testing" the distance of longer race efforts to see if I have what it takes to uprade next season.  So the process starts now.

I am never a fan of the time change as we lose what little daylight we had after work to squeeze in a ride.   I will have to dig out my lights and charge them up if I want to do any post-work riding for the next 2 months.  The weather is still good, and the trails are in perfect shape - so why not?

The good news for this week is that the silly political ads, phone calls, emails, texts will all end once Tuesday's election takes place.  I'm sure everyone is sick of seeing and hearing them to the point that we are all ready to write in a candidate.  Oy!

Have a good week and don't forget to get out and vote!

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