Blow, blow, thou winter wind...

I can honestly say that my lapse in posting has not been related to lack of content, but has everything to do with burning the candle at both ends.  No need to play catch up, but suffice it to say that preparing students for NATS on November 7-8, attending NATS, organizing the IMBCS 2015 Race Schedule, meeting with potential sponsors for the IMBCS, preparing lesson plans for Germany, attending concerts, recitals, and the long teaching day is what I have been immersed in the past few weeks.  Throw in a 3 week training block that I just completed - and, well....time just floated on by with the winds that seem to be blowing in the front edge of Winter.

Speaking of winter, I got the winter tires put on my Element last Thursday.  I got a new set of the same tires - thanks to a sale and rebate - for Zack's Element put on this weekend.  Alexa's Mariner gets outfitted with new tires tomorrow.  'Tis the season for winter tires.

Speaking of tires...

On the mountain biking front, I was pleased to hear that Panaracer released a 29 x 2.35 version of one of my all time favorite tires - the Fire XC Pro.

I have not seen the details on the weight for the 29"er version yet, but I'm glad Panaracer came back with this tire and in the new size - and at such a good price point!!!

The teaching week will be short on account of the Thanksgiving Break.  Today and tomorrow will be followed by 5 days off (plenty of prep work to do, so I won't be "off") which will allow me to get some solid base miles in to round out November.  My neice, Rachel is here for the week from Santa Cruz for Thanksgiving, and of course Alexa is home from college for the week - so we have lots of plans to fill out the week.

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