And with that, the season is a wrap...

Saturday was the annual Dirty Duathlon which is a fund raiser for Central Iowa Trails Association.

I try to do the race every fall as the funds go to CITA.  This year, the funds are to help build a new section of trail at Center Trails during the Spring of 2015 that will make for a nice loop.  Some years I am unable to attend the Dirty Du due to opera rehearsals, or other plans.  It's called the "dirty" duathlon because the event takes place on the dirt singletrack trails in Des Moines in and around the Greenwood Park area.  A runner begins with a 2 mile run, then rides a mountain bike for 10 miles, and then it ends with another 2 mile run.  One can do it solo, or as a relay.

I've done it both ways - including with Alexa when we won the Sprint version a few years ago.  I've done it solo on at least 3 different occasions, and I teamed up with former student Brandon Hyde to take on the Men's relay the past two times I have done it.  It's pretty low key, but you can make it whatever you want depending on the effort you grind out.  It's usually my year end wrap for the mountain bike racing season.

This year, I teamed up for the co-ed relay full Dirty Du with 2012 Simpson Alumna, Amelia Borgomainerio.  Amelia is a runner and needed a mountain biker to join her, so we hooked up and became a team.  Amelia claimed on the CITA website that she was "in it to win it".  Tara and I had spent the evening with Alexa in Iowa City on Friday, and had breakfast with her Saturday morning before driving back.  I drove directly to the race venue and noticed that we had beautiful fall weather on Saturday in the low 70's.  The trail was in perfect condition for the race, and CITA had things set up for a great event.

Amelia began with the run at 1 pm, and when she completed her lap, tagged me and off I went for the bike laps.  I was able to work my way through the crowd quite a bit and was only passed by one bike during my 10 miles (the eventual 1st Place Winner) who was competing with his young daughter.  My laps were pretty full throttle for me as I kept my HR in the 164 - 171 area anytime I wasn't going down the hill.  I forgot to turn my Wahoo Fitness App on until about 5 minutes into the race, but managed to turn it on during one of the climbs.  It was a full out XC race effort by me that was equivalent of a CAT II race.  I felt pretty good out there and was able to keep things moving throughout.


Photo courtesy of Eric Roccasecca

I finished my portion and tagged off to Amelia who went for her final 2 mile portion.  Fun was had by all and we managed to end up in 3rd Place for the Co-Eds...


Thanks to Cheryl Dralle and CITA for hosting yet another great Dirty Du!!!

I went out for the longest ride I have done in October on Sunday to shake out the legs from Saturday's race effort.  And that was only 101 minutes to Carlisle and back on the road bike as October was me just maintaining the shape I had to do the race in Red Wing, and the Dirty Du.  I maintained my form by doing shorter rides with intensity and not many hours.  I will now move into the off season fun rides, weight lifting, and base building before heading off to Germany in January.  After the ride, I loaded up two chickens in the Big Green Egg to smoke, and then headed off to the Chamber Singers Concert at Simpson.

My racing season this year spanned from the Psycowpath Race on March 29th in Bellevue, NE - to October 25th if I count the Dirty Du.  That included 12 XC State Series events that I did in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  My two "extra" events were the Dakota Five-0 in South Dakota, and the Dirty Du in Des Moines.  Compared to 2012 and 2013, that's a more manageable number of events considering I did 22 in 2012, and 17 in 2013.


Iowagriz said...

Nice season for you. Better shape, better results. This will translate to a nice bace to build on for next year.

Bruce Brown said...

I hope so, Tom. Thanks.