The Mullet Fall Classic week is here...!!!

This is the week, and....


A trail work day on Saturday morning yielded 22 of us to take on the grooming, raking, trimming, tree cutting, erosion spot filling, etc... of the 6.5 mile loop we will use this year for Sunday's race.  Three more erosion spots will get attention this week, and then everything is good to go.

A few shots from Saturday...






I mowed the grassy areas on Friday, worked with the crew and made breakfast for them with Tara on Saturday, did more work on Saturady afternoon, and tested out the trail Saturday late afternoon before setting up the camping site.  Tara and I camped out on Saturday night, then I did more trail work on Sunday before doing another lap to really figure out what still needed attention.  I hated missing the Night Cap up in Des Moines with BikeIowa.com, but this was the only weekend I could set aside to get the race course in shape.  Usually, the Oakley Night Cap has been held after The Mullet Fall Classic.  This year, however, they scheduled it a week before my event which meant being in two places at one time is simply not possible.  

In terms of the course at Ahquabi, a few spots could use a bit more trimming if I am being picky, but they are fine as is and won't hamper the race.  My time is limited this week with work, Yom Kippur rehearsals (singing lots of great music this year), and last minute details of picking up a trailer, the P.A. System, going over final to do lists and checklists, loading everything up so it is ready to go for the weekend.  In short, there are not enough hours in the day this week that I would like to have at my disposal.

Somehow, I managed to mow our own lawn this weekend, go to Yom Kippur rehearsal, have a meal with Tara at Centro, and get some sleep.

Although the forecast is a week out and I don't trust a forecast more than 24 hours, Ma Nature does look like she is going cooperate this weekend with sunshine and a high of 71 for The Mullet Fall Classic on Sunday.  Rain on Wednesday/Thursday in the forecasted amount of .6 - 1.3" which should dry out well on Friday with cool temperatures and wind before sunshine and warmth on Saturday and Sunday finish the course off into perfect conditions.  I may have to trim some of the grass again as the rain this past Friday, and what is coming mid-week will ignite the growth a bit quicker than I prefer.  Time being the issue to get everything done...

Enjoy National Coffee Day and drink up!!!

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