Biblical rains...

Noah loaded the ark this week to prepare for a massive rain that caused flooding in our area.  Even one of the dorms at Simpson flooded in the basement and made the news as a result.

Summerset State Park got hit pretty hard after the Middle River went over the banks and matched the flood level of 2008 (that closed the park for a long time).  Part of the park is closed again and the wait for the water to evaporate will take quite some time.  My guess is weeks to months based on how long it took in 2008.  2011 as well was a flood, but not quite as severe as this week was. 

IMBCS had a race scheduled for September 20th at Summerset, but that's not going to happen due to this...



Bob's new bridge submerged

Photos courtesy of Bob Matthews

We are shooting for a reschedule later in October, but who knows.  There was to be a race in Iowa City at Sugar Bottom this Sunday as well.  And that was already a reschedule from prior rain in August.  They got 4 1/2" this week, and seemed to fare pretty well from that, but it is raining about 1/4" today.  The race director informed me the determination will be made on whether or not tomorrow's sunshine and wind can dry it enough in time for Sunday's race based on how much actually falls today. 

I never did hear the full amount of rain for the week here in our area, but I know it was in the 4.75" - 6" range.  Our basement has flooded in the past with any 4" rain during a wet year, but not this year which was the first test of it as last year was a drought.  Both sump pumps have been serious champs and we are as dry as a bone!  Hip, hip, hooray for a wise investment in our new basement system that has kept us dry now for several years.

It's Friday.  If and when the sun peeks out this afternoon, I'm pulling the road bike out and searching for some dry pavement to start the weekend.  What we could use is a few weeks of dry weather and some wind to help dry things out and get fall going.

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