New threshold HR value, and final taper for Dakota Five-0...

I've been tracking my workouts and races with the iPhone and Wahoo Fitness gear (application and HR strap) this year.  I upload the data to TrainingPeaks.com, and it automatically resets my training zones based on any progress I may be fortunate enough to experience.

I guess I put out enough effort to receive this email on Sunday after the George Wyth race due to being able to sustain a higher average HR than previous races...


Which resulted in my zones being automatically set to...


None of that is anything anybody needs to worry about in terms of competition.  ;-)

I'm sure a lot of it had to do with the particular course which included no descents where HR drops on other courses between the efforts experienced on climbing.  Regardless, TrainingPeaks.com noted the data and it is what it is.

Yesterday was my final long training taper ride for the Dakota Five-0 which gives me 11 days between.  It was more a test of my hydration/nutrition than it was of race pace.  And I did it on the road bike thanks to 2 1/2 inches of rain that fell in the morning making dirt off limits.  At least I earned some high caloric mexican food for dinner last night!

Nutrition and hydration wise, I will use the same formula as I did back in 2012 when I last did the Dakota Five-0.  Camelbak with water, and a multi-hour bottle of my Hammer Nutrition drink mix, energy gels, and Endurolytes.  It all worked well yesterday for my 3:40:25 training ride.  I made one stop at the 1/2 way point to practice mixing a second bottle of drink mix, and filling the Camelbak.  I left the computer going and hit the lap button to see how long it took me.  It was just a few seconds under 3 minutes which I can live with for an aid station stop.  My only goal at this point for this race/ride is to trim time from my 2012 showing.  I'm carrying less weight this year, and my fitness is in a bit better shape - so we shall see.  I certainly have no grand illusions of being a threat to the sub 4 hour, and sub 5 hour racers.  My target is the sub 6 hour group as I crossed the line in 5:48 and change last time.  I would like to undercut that this year and think I have the formula (training, weight, and different bike) to accomplish that barring any mechanicals/flat tires/cramps. 

I got bumped around in that race a lot in 2012 on the JET 9, so I'm taking the RIP 9 this year in hopes it keeps me more comfortable.  I still have to get the RIP ready for the race as I am waiting on a new front derailleur to handle the duties of running a triple chainring for the race instead of a 1 x 9 that I have been running this year.  I need the gearing for the Black Hills, so I'll be running a 40/30/20 set up instead of my 34T chainring that it has been sporting.  The JET had a double chainring that I used in 2012 and gearing was not quite low enough on some of the steep, long climbs to prevent me from muscling a lot.  I am hoping to use the gearing on the RIP to spin and work the heart more than the leg muscles on some of those climbs this time around.  If I get the front derailleur mounted and sorted out in time, I have the chance to race it this weekend at Sugarbottom to get everything dialed in, but I have been riding the RIP all year on my training rides - so I'm ready with it.

Now, off to the Simpson College Faculty/Staff kickoff breakfast for this year...

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