Gravel and go anywhere rig...

Now this looks like something I could really enjoy from Specialized...

"When the road less traveled is still too crowded there's Diverge. Featuring an optimized endurance geometry for long, all day rides as well as clearance for up to 35c tires, your ride is only limited by your imagination. Diverge goes anywhere you do and is always ready to adventure more."


The Diverge Expert Carbon model above comes in my size HUGE 64cm frame.  It's got a bit more tire clearance room than my Roubaix does.  The Diverge is able to run tires up to 35mm in width.  That, combined with the disc brakes, and seatpost makes for a really interesting do it all bike that goes a step beyond what my Roubaix does - at least when it comes to riding in inclement weather.  Not sure I would really do much more with it than I already do with my Roubaix (I ride gravel, pavement, grass, dirt as it is on my bike), but it never hurts to look.  ;-]

I am back to work this week.  Yesterday and today have had me struggling through what I think is a result of riding with a Camelbak that had some bacteria in it on Wednesday when I tested it out for 4 hours.  I failed to clean it properly, and I am paying for it now with some abdominal issues.  Not fun...

I got the Dakota Five-0 bike fixed up today thanks to a new Shimano XT front derailleur (which replaces the one I couldn't find because I had sold it).

RIP 9 Triple Chainring

Gearing of 20/30/40 up front and 11-34 in the rear.

I'm running my Russ Anderson 30T and 40T middle/outer rings, and the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame 20T Ti granny ring I bought years ago to have a nice wide range of gearing for what the Black Hills throws at us.  I took it for a post-work ride today when I got home to make sure it was working well.  I'm happy to report that all is fine.  I might race it this weekend at Sugarbottom just to field test it, but it seems to be doing just fine as everything is the same as it was before when I ran it as a triple.

The bike, as pictured, weighs 27.91 pounds for the size XL outfitted like I have it outfitted.  It was 27.2 pounds in the 1 x 9 configuration that I have been running.  So, not too much of a weight penalty hit to have the wider gearing choice for the 50 mile mountain event.

Summer has finally arrived as the heat index was 102 out on my 73 minute spin just now.  It actually felt pretty good compared to the "summer that was not" this year with all of the 70's and 80's we experienced.  Sunday is supposed to be 92 with high humidity which should make Sugarbottom a sweaty affair.

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