RAGBRAI begins!!!

Yesterday was the most difficult day of RAGBRAI for me - packing.  On top of that, it turned into a shopping for a new bike for Zack day that was totally unexpected.  He was breaking something on just about every ride with the old Allez.  Chain, bottom bracket, rear wheeil, seat post, etc... .  Concerns about his safety were shared from his mother, and a conversation led to this...


A new Tarmac from Rassy's.  Thanks Sterling and Adam for fixing his old bike and helping us with the new one!!!!  He went out on the maiden voyage after we got it home and loved it.  Bars are too high, so I will swap out to a flat stem tonight at our host camping spot, then he's good to go.  Our friend Corey Wilson arrived from Wisconsin last night, and we got all of our bikes and gear loaded up on the team truck.

Now that yesterday is over, we leave in 2 hours to the starting town of Rock Valley.  That gives me enough time to double check that we have everything we need for the week.  Last year I forgot my sandals and had to wear my biking shoes all week.

RAGBRAI - commence!

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