Back home in Iowa....

Random thoughts concerning our vacation to California...

• I'm going to have to hire a new travel agent!!!  My wife booked us on flights that had us drive to Omaha at 2:30 AM to catch our early morning flight to San Francisco, and on our return - we landed in Omaha at about 11:30 and hit the road at 12 Midnight to drive back to Indianola.   Needless to say - driving at those hours is stressful, but we made do and saved $400 because of it.

• US Airways rocked!  Nice leather seats that are plenty wide, great service and thumbs up from us for this trip.  Now that they are merged with American Airlines, time will tell how it all pans out.

• It's nice to be back home to fire up the Big Green Egg.  Tonight was grilled green tomatoes from our garden, grilled onions from our gardern, grilled Iowa chops, and grilled peaches for the Nachspeise.

• Mowing and trimming the yard is not my favorite chore.  Today reminded me of that as I had at the 10 days of growth with the Toro and Craftsman tools.

• We are deeming this vacation a full out success.  Lots of bike riding, good food, good visits with family, activities completed, and future thoughts of retirement location options confirmed.

Cruising by our old house in Walnut Creek...


What was that old rule about "knee high by the 4th of July"?  The corn on July 10th around here is pushing 7-8 feet tall already!!!


• As nice as the Trek Domane bike is....


....my Specialized Roubaix trumps it for me!  Not that the Domane is not a good bike, but there are things that bothered me about it - saddle, toe overlap, a bit cramped in the 62cm for me, stock 23mm tires (what's endurance about that?), a high rise stem to get the bars where they need to be, and handlebars that are too thin and not as comfy as the Specialized bars.

In short, it's nice to be back on the Roubaix...


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