Summer has arrived!

Summer is HERE!!!

Today marks the longest day of the year which means it is the official arrival of summer 2014.  In anticipation of it, Ma Nature has turned up the thermostat and given us a week of warmer, humid weather that has the jungle in a full roaring growth cycle thanks to the rains we've been recieving.

Insects and bugs are going hog wild.  We are all sweating again.  Backyard grills are sizzling.  Summer projects around the house are underway in the neighborhood.  The local pool is open.   Outdoor performance are underway.  Everyone is out for walks, jogs, bike rides, and the usual summer mood is in the air.

Speaking of today marking the Summer Solstice when our northern hemisphere faces the sun the most directly of any day throughout the year...

The occasion brings celebrations across the Northern Hemisphere, from Swedes who wear wreaths and dance around maypoles to modern-day Druids who flock to Stonehenge to Americans who enjoy their pool parties and cookouts.

Not sure I'll being doing any of that, but I will be finishing up painting the upstairs hallway with the final coat this morning.

Depending on the weather, we may or may not be attending Zack's 2nd performance tonight as Pooh-Bah in The Mikado with the Cedar Rapids Opera.  We got rained out on Thursday for the opening night, so we went last night and really enjoyed it.  Zack did a great job and it was fun to sit out in the open air in the setting of the lovely Brucemore Historic Site in Cedar Rapids.


The crowd arrived at least an hour before the performance began at 7:30 PM.   It was recommended to bring a picnic basket and eat out on the lawn of the Brucemore.  We drove in from Indianola and ate at Biaggi's before going to the performance as we couldn't get it together to pack a basket.  If we go this evening, we will pack a picnic basket and dine out on the lawn with everyone else - weather permitting.

It was a really fun evening and Zack seemed to be in his element with the role enjoying himself on stage, using good comic timing, and vocally it was a good fit for this stage in his development.  The audience had a good time and seemed to really enjoy everything last night...


Zack in the middle of the famous trio "To Sit In Solemn Silence"...


Today and tomorrow's outdoor activities are all predicated on what the weather has in store for us.  There is a rain date for The Mikado if it rains tonight, they will perform tomorrow evening instead. 

First, it's time to finish painting the hallway...

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