MMBS Director responds...

I checked the results from Sunday's race at Mt. Kato as I was very curious how it turned out for those that did race.  Of the 6 that started in my age group, here are their results...


The two that did finish, based on their times of 3 hours to 3 1/2 hours, most likely spent the race carrying their bikes, pushing their bikes up the hills and basically survived the "hike" with a muddy bike that was not allowing the wheels to turn.  Everyone else pulled the plug after 1 lap.  Congrats to those who finished and "survived" the elements as I know it was an exhausting slog having been there and done that before a couple of times.  Similar results throughout the categories and age groups could be seen, so it was an adventure for all of those who did race, no doubt.

I guess my decision based on witnessing what I did see from the bottom of the ski hill turned out to have been the right one to make for me - especially with my wife and daughter along.  Having them wait for 3 or 3+ hours would have been more torture than they were due by coming along on the trip.

Although I made my blog post about the race and my personal decision to pull the plug, it appears others must have shared concerned disappointment directly (Facebook, email, in person, etc...) at the event of after the event with MMBS.   The MMBS Director, Gary Sjoquist responded on the website about all the factors that go into an event on a race day and how the decision(s) were made.  Hats off to Gary, the promoter, and the land owner for having to make those decisions collectively so the best solution met the needs of the most people.  It's obviously not an easy thing to do and Gary explains that in his response.  Here's the link to what Gary said. 

We are in the May/June bad weather (severe weather) time frame that most likely will result in several events having to deal with exactly what Mt. Kato faced on Sunday.  In fact, this weekend's race for the IMBCS sponsored by FORC looks like the forecast includes rain and some decisions will have to be made.  So it is with regard to Midwest Mountain Bike Racing.  The last couple of years have been drought driven years where we all got very used to racing in dry conditions.  Now, it appears, we are having a more normal year with regard to rain and decision making comes more into play for each individual racer as well as for the promoters and race directors.

I did a race simulation on Monday on my road bike for training, and followed up on Tuesday with Tara on a nice Zone 1 Great Western Mullets to Martensdale and back 44 mile ride before storms hit here Tuesday evening.  Today, it's back to hitting my ever lengthening summer "to do list" as we work our way through the house, garage and yard to take on all that needs to be done.  I will apply Scott's Step #2 to the yard today, and move all of the bike tires I have hanging on the garage walls into storage tubs.  I have a device from the paint store that is supposed to be able to tell what paint we have on the kitchen walls (I need some touch up for corners), so will get a small can of what the machine is claiming the color is.  We are researching and shopping for appliances and flooring as well, so much to be done today.

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