Happy Friday the 13th!!!

My daughter turns 19 today and the homemade red velvet cake is made, iced, and ready to go!!!  We are heading off for her requested birthday breakfast in a few minutes.   Last time she had a birthday on Friday the 13th, she dislocated her knee out in front of our house playing softball.  Let's hope today is incident free for her.

Tonight is a rare combination we won't see again for 35 years:  Friday the 13th and a Full Moon!


I took Thursday off the bike and did weeding and trimming all day instead.  First, I edged and trimmed my own yard.  Then, while I was all covered in grass and all dirty, I headed out to Banner Pits and put in about 2 1/2 hours of work trimming a section of trail.  It's slow going out there with a hand held trimmer due to the growth being so thick, but somebody has got to do it as the trail has quickly become almost non-rideable.  My partner in weed whacking crime - Bob Matthews - put in a couple of hours later in the day and knocked out another 100 yards.  Weeds are over 3 feet in height now and the canopy and sides are growing in fast and furious.  Luckily, the temperatures were in the 70's and dry - so it was not taxing heat wise to be climbing up and down some of the steeper singletrack sections as I chopped away.  Being a normal precipitation year, volunteers to do trail work are highly needed.  Here's to every mountain biker out there that enjoys riding trails also contributing some of their "ride time" to working on their local trails so that everyone can enjoy.  It doesn't happen on its own, so volunteer and be a part of it.

I'll do a warm up and a lap at Banner today for openers to get ready for tomorrow's Psycowpath race in Omaha.  That will give me an update on trail conditions as well to see just how much is left to be done.  The forecast is calling for thunderstorms on Saturday - so fingers are crossed that we can get the race done without a hitch before the worst of it arrives.

I got a kick out of this guy's attempt at making a point for cyclists and the space he hoped to be given by motorists...


It's bike riding season and those who do not ride bikes and are motoring along can be distracted, have an annoyance or hate at those who are on their bikes, or they may see you and it simply doesn't register to them - so they turn in front of you, or pull out in front of you.  Be careful out there.  And be seen while riding smart and obeying all traffic laws!!!

Even by obeying the laws and riding in the bike lane, here's some snipits of what a guy in Australia faces when riding...

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